By WIN Provider: Joshua Janssen, Personal Trainer & Clinician Assistant

Did you know that personal training can help your recovery?

The recovery process isn’t over at the end of your appointment at WIN Health.  Recovery is an ongoing process and should be treated as such.

If a WIN Health practitioner is treating you for low back pain, besides wanting to feel better, your second goal should be preventative and pro-active… How can you better prepare yourself for the next time back pain hits?


Personal training can be used as an extension of the recovery process.

More importantly, personal training at WIN will be catered towards you.

Yes, working on muscular strength, power, hypertrophy, and endurance is important and will be taken into consideration, but only if the exercises match your goals.

If your goal is to make your low back feel better then your exercise routine needs to match that.  Working in unison with your WIN Health chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, or naturopath, your goal of feeling better is attainable.

If your goal is to be pro-active to prevent further back pain, that goal is achievable too.

For example, your WIN Health chiropractor concludes that the range-of-motion (ROM) in your back is limited and suggests strengthening your back through personal training as a means of being preventative towards a potential future injury.  Your exercise prescription might include but isn’t limited to:

Walking on an incline to help improve your cardiovascular endurance and to challenge the surrounding musculature of the spine

ROM-based exercises geared towards flexion/ extension, lateral flexion, and rotation of the back and done at a high rep set

Back-based exercises focused on strength that mimics your activities of daily living, like a Back squat or Farmer’s walk

A core routine that stabilizes your abdominals

Remember, personal training is personal – it’s about you, so let’s make it personal.

If you are interested in personal training book with me online or call our Niagara Falls location at 905-353-8397 or Fonthill at 289-897-9454