Holding Space For The Mind-Body Connection

Somatic Therapy


Think of a time when you were nervous about something you had to do.  You may have felt flutters, those “butterflies in your stomach,” or started clenching your jaw, or felt your heart racing.  Sound familiar?

When you experience these sensations, it’s your mind and body in sync. Your body reacting to the anticipation or nervousness your mind is feeling, proving how intimately connected they are.

The expression of psychological or emotional stress as physical symptoms is not a new concept.  Somatization is the physical body expression and experience of stress and emotions through the mind-body connection.

Somatic Therapy is an approach that focuses on the connection between the mind and body in the healing process. It acknowledges that psychological issues, trauma, and emotional distress can manifest in physical sensations, muscular tensions, and bodily symptoms.

It can teach you how to more quickly move out of the fight / flight, freeze or fawn response to a more self assured and empowered response when you are stressed or triggered.

Our Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Laura Imola, through her twenty years of practice with people working on the root cause of health, she has cultivated an attuned understanding of the mind-body connection.

Through her own long history of work with the healing arts like homeopathy, herbal medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, that not only see the mind and body as connected, but rather the mind and body are ONE that cannot be separated,  she went on to advance her knowledge by completing the Compassionate Inquiry Professional Online Training with Dr. Gabor Mate and Sat Dharma Kaur, Naturopathic Doctor. 

Blending her extensive knowledge of health and the process of illness and whole body healing, she offers a safe space to help people process personal stressors, emotional pain, addiction and unresolved trauma.

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At WIN Health, with Dr. Laura Imola, here are some of the ways a somatic therapy visit can help.

Mind-Body Connection: You have a trained professional who understands and acknowledges the interconnectedness – an in actual fact sees the oneness – of the mind and body in healing.

Body-Centered Approach: During a session you will be given time to bring attention to the body’s sensations, movements, and experiences as gateways to emotional release and healing.

Whole Body Healing: You can go at your pace to discover the layers that need tending to – physical ailments, psychological issues, trauma, and emotional distress – to help you on your journey.

Techniques Used: You will learn techniques such as breathwork, mindfulness, movement and felt physical sensations in the body to access and process emotions stored in the body.

Tension Release: With each session, the aim is to support you in processing emotional tension or pain stored in the body.

Safe Environment: You will be provided with a safe and supportive environment to explore and express your emotions without judgment.

Resilience and Self-Regulation: Through learning how to tune into what your body needs, and how to process what comes up for you when you are stressed or upset, this:


– Builds your capacity to experience different experiences
– Increases your awareness about your response and resiliency
– Empowers you to develop your most authentic expression of yourself


Personalized Approach: We are committed to offering a personalized to meet your unique needs at WIN, and this is also offered to you in your somatic therapy visits.

Standalone or Complementary: Somatic therapy can be used as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with other health supportive treatments you are recieving.

Path to Transformation: Ultimately, somatic therapy offers you a path towards self-discovery, healing, and personal growth by honouring the mind-body connection.

Get To The Root Cause
With Somatic Therapy

Hit The Reset Button For Your Body & Mind

Somatic therapy is a game-changer if you are looking to improve your overall well-being. By focusing on the mind-body connection, it can support you in the release of physical tension and emotional stress, making you feel more relaxed and balanced.

If you’re dealing with trauma, anxiety, or chronic pain, somatic therapy can provide real relief by addressing the root causes stored in your body.

Plus, it enhances your emotional awareness and coping skills, leading to better relationships and improved sleep.

With somatic therapy, you’ll not only feel more at peace but also more energized and resilient. It’s like hitting the reset button for your mind and body

naturopathic doctor niagara falls
naturopathic doctor niagara falls

What Is Somatic Therapy?

The expression of psychological or emotional stress as physical symptoms is not a new concept.  Somatization is the physical body expression and experience of stress and emotions through the mind-body connection.

Somatic therapy is all about reconnecting with your body to improve your overall well-being.

It helps you tune into your physical sensations to understand and release stress, trauma, and emotional blockages.

Imagine feeling more relaxed, balanced, and in control of your emotions just by becoming more aware of your body. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, chronic pain, or just the everyday stress of life, somatic therapy can make a big difference.

It’s a holistic approach that boosts your mental and physical health, making you feel more energized and at peace.

What Conditions Can Somatic Therapy Help?

Somatic therapy can help you with so many things. Feeling stressed or anxious? It can help you release all that built-up tension. If you’ve been through trauma, it can help you process and let go of those tough emotions.

Struggling with chronic pain? Somatic therapy can ease it by addressing the emotional roots of your pain.

It can teach you how to more quickly move out of the fight / flight, freeze or fawn response to a more self assured and empowered response when you are stressed or triggered.

When this happens, this helps you have a more balanced and supported nervous system health.

Here are some of the ways somatic therapy can help you:

– Reduce stress and anxiety: Feel more relaxed and at ease by releasing built-up tension.

– Heal trauma: Process and let go of tough emotions stored in your body.

– Manage chronic pain: Address the emotional roots of your pain for real relief.

– Improve emotional awareness: Get better at understanding and managing your feelings.

– Enhance relationships: Build stronger connections by being more in tune with your emotions.

– Boost sleep quality: Enjoy better rest and wake up feeling refreshed.

– Increase energy levels: Feel more energized and alive throughout the day.

– Develop healthier coping skills: Handle life’s challenges with greater resilience.

– Promote overall well-being: Achieve a balanced, harmonious mind-body connection.

naturopathic doctor niagara falls
naturopathic doctor niagara falls

Will Somatic Therapy Help Me?

Somatic therapy is an approach that helps you discover the inner resources of support you already have, but may not be aware of, through the gentle support of a professional. It can also offer you a healthy way to process stress, tension, and emotions stored in your body, helping you feel more relaxed and balanced. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, trauma, or chronic pain, it provides real relief by tackling the root causes.

This is always a work in progress.  Everyone progresses in different ways and in their own time.

However, doing this internal work and giving yourself a chance to learn from new awareness can help you gain better emotional awareness and regulation, improve your relationships, and boost your overall well-being.

What Can Somatic Therapy Do For My Health?

Somatic therapy can significantly benefit your health by helping you connect your mind and body to address emotional and physical health concerns.

This therapeutic approach focuses on the sensations within your body, guiding you to become more aware of how stress, trauma, and negative emotions manifest physically.

Also, given your comfort level and at your pace, it can help to unpack the present day emotions and responses that are tied to your past experiences – through your lifetime and in your childhood.

By working with Dr. Laura Imola, you can learn techniques to release stored tension and trauma, leading to improved emotional well-being, reduced anxiety, and a greater sense of overall balance.

Somatic therapy encourages you to listen to your body’s signals, fostering a deeper self-awareness and improved present day response when you are experiencing stress or triggers.

As you learn to navigate life with this internal awareness, you can move more quickly out of the fight / flight, freeze and/or fawn response and into a empowered and self assured response that is aligned more with your authenticity.

naturopathic doctor niagara falls
naturopathic doctor niagara falls

What Are The Benefits of Somatic Therapy?

1. Increased self-awareness: You become more attuned to your body’s signals and sensations.

2. Emotional regulation: You learn to manage and process emotions more effectively.

3. Trauma release: At your pace and if you want to process past trauma, as this is part of somatic therapy but not mandatory if you are not ready, you can use somatic therapy to process the current responses that are a result of experiences in your past – through your lifetime and from your childhood.

4. Reduced anxiety and stress: You experience a calming effect on your nervous system.

5. Improved physical health: As you learn and know how to support yourself in your responses to stressful situations, your nervous system will benefit.  Since your nervous system is connected to all the systems in your body and constantly relays messages, a more balanced nervous system can help you experience a decrease in physical symptoms related to stress.

6. Enhanced mind-body connection: You develop a deeper understanding of how your thoughts and feelings affect your physical state.

7. Greater sense of balance and well-being: As you develop a more self assured way of life through insights, awareness and regulated responses, you will feel more aligned to your authentic self.  Being aligned in your authenticity can help you achieve a more harmonious state of mental and physical health.


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See How We Work

What To Expect: Somatic Therapy


Each somatic therapy session with Dr. Laura Imola starts with a grounding exercise to settle your body.

Next you are invited to share your intention for the session.  What you feel you would like to focus on during your time.

Dr. Laura will hold space for you to share what is happening.

Through listening, asking questions, bringing your attention to your felt sensations and supporting you with non-judgement and curiosity, the session will be lead through your comfort level to make connections and new awareness in processing what is happening in you.

Empathy, Presence and Compassion

Throughout your session, Dr. Laura will support you, along side you, with empathy, presence and compassion.  She will provide guidance through bringing awareness to your experience in the moment with questions, curiosity, observation and/or playfulness.  This approach will bring about your own self discoveries and cultivate your awareness in a way that respects your process and your boundaries.

Process & Align

You will use your experiences, your felt sensation and awareness to process the stress and the tension locked within you.  As you learn how to do this during the sessions, you will gently start unwinding what is keeping you stuck in the present moment, and feel more connected to your inner self assurance and authentic self.

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