By WIN Provider: Dr. Laura Imola, Naturopathic Doctor


There are many health benefits that naturopathic medicine can provide.  You may think about naturopathic medicine and relate it to natural treatment options.  This is definitely one benefit, and there are a few more that you can benefit from.


Natural Treatment Options

Naturopathic doctors can offer you natural treatment options for your health concerns.  You may be interested in addressing a symptoms or a change in your health with a natural option rather than an over the counter or prescription medication.

Naturopathic doctors can assess your concern, consider your health history, any current medications you take and other important health details, and discuss with you natural treatment options that can help.

Natural treatment options include:

Individualized nutrition

Botanical/medicinal herbs

Homeopathic medicine

Acupuncture / Traditional Chinese Medicine

Specific nutrients (e.g. vitamins, minerals, omega 3s)


Topical applications

Lifestyle recommendations

These options are always individualized to you after we have in depth discussion about your health and understand which are best for you.



Often we use health education, and naturopathic treatments, to help clear the obstacles that are inhibiting your health.  We take time to discuss the aspects of your lifestyle, nutrition and other health related factors, to provide guidance in clearing these obstacles.

Obstacles can include:

Nutrient deficiencies

Inflammatory foods

Inflammatory beverages

Food allergens

Environmental allergens



Poor sleep

Poor energy

Sluggish organ function


Balancing Health

Another benefit of naturopathic medicine includes offering options to help balance health.  If a system is off balance and not working optimally, there are many naturopathic treatment options to address this.

Systems that are commonly off balance include:

Digestive system


Immune system

Lymphatic system

Female/Male hormones

Thyroid gland

Sleep cycle

Bladder/Urinary system

Stress Response

Adrenal glands

Respiratory tract

Blood sugar

Cholesterol regulation

Blood pressure


Rebuilding Health

When you are stressed or overtired, or have dealt with poor health for a long time, it’s very possible to become exhausted.  This can be amplified when there have been longstanding obstacles in your health or imbalanced systems.

There are many beneficial naturopathic treatment options to hep replenish, reinvigorate and rebuild your health when you have become depleted.

Low energy and exhaustion can stop you from having the stamina you need to cook a healthy meal, go for a walk, enjoy quality time with those dearest to you and take away daily quality of life.

Rebuilding your energy and vitality is another aspect to a naturopathic treatment and it can make all the difference in helping you take the next steps in your health journey.

There are many different ways we can work to rebuild your energy and this is always tailored to each person based on their unique needs, health history and health goals.


There are many benefits naturopathic medicine!  To make naturopathic medicine part of your health care options, visit with me at WIN Health at our Niagara Falls or Fonthill clinic and we can discuss the options that can help you in your health.