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Curious about why you might benefit from vitamin injections?

First and foremost, vitamin injections deliver nutrients directly into your bloodstream. This means you get the full benefit of the vitamins quickly and efficiently, without having to wait for them to pass through your digestive system. It’s a great way to ensure your body is getting what it needs, especially if you struggle with nutrient deficiencies, have a history of difficulty with digestion or digestive health concern or conditions that cause fatigue.

If you’ve ever felt tired or sluggish, vitamin injections can be a game-changer. They can provide a noticeable boost in your energy levels, helping you feel more vibrant and alert.

For those who are focused on specific health goals, vitamin injections can be tailored to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to correct a nutrient deficiency, strengthen your immune system, or enhance your athletic performance, there’s likely an injection that can help you reach those goals more effectively.

Another significant advantage is for individuals who have difficulty absorbing vitamins through their digestive system. Conditions like Crohn’s disease or other gastrointestinal issues can make it tough to get the nutrients you need from food alone. Vitamin injections bypass these problems, ensuring you still receive the vital nutrients your body requires.

In essence, vitamin injections are a fast, efficient, and effective way to support your overall health and well-being. They offer a convenient solution to boost your energy, meet your health goals, and ensure you’re getting the essential nutrients you need. It’s a simple and powerful way to take better care of yourself.

Your Body Boost

Restore, Replenish, Rebuild

Everyday life can deplete your vitamin levels—stress, poor diet, and even environmental factors play a role. Vitamin injections can top up your levels quickly, giving your body the fuel it needs to function optimally. Whether it’s boosting your energy, enhancing your immune system, or improving your skin health, these injections can help replenish what’s been lost, making you feel rejuvenated and more balanced.

Rebuilding your health is all about providing ongoing support to your body. Regular vitamin injections can help maintain your nutrient levels over time, supporting long-term health and well-being. This is especially beneficial if you have specific health goals or are recovering from an illness. By consistently giving your body the right nutrients, you’re helping to strengthen your immune system, support muscle recovery, and promote overall vitality.

naturopathic doctor niagara falls

What Are Vitamin Injections?

At WIN Health Performance Centre, in Niagara Falls, Dr. Jade Hoxie offers Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D as vitamin injection therapy.  We ensure that very high quality and a highly absorbed from of Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), and Vitamin D3 are utilized for your vitamin injection so you can gain the most benefit from this therapeutic option.

What Is A Vitamin B12 Injection?

A vitamin B12 injection is a treatment where you receive a dose of vitamin B12 directly into your bloodstream through an intramuscular injection. This is often used to quickly increase your B12 levels, especially if you have a deficiency that hasn’t improved with oral supplements or dietary changes. It’s typically recommended for you if you have conditions like pernicious anemia (low B12), iron deficiency anemia, gastrointestinal disorders, or if you’ve had conditions or surgeries, or take medications, that affect B12 absorption. The injection helps boost your energy levels, support your nervous system, and improve your overall health by ensuring you have the necessary amount of this essential vitamin.

How Can A Vitamin B12 Injection Benefit Me?

Vitamin B12 is essential for nerve tissues health and red blood cell production.  The benefits you may experience include:

Increased energy level
Improves mood and symptoms of depression
Improves memory and cognition
Supports brain health and cognitive function
Speeds up muscle & tissue recovery
Improved exercise performance
Promotes nerve regeneration
Improves red blood cell formation
Supports cardiovascular health
Enhances metabolic function

What Is A Vitamin D Injection?

A vitamin D injection is where you receive a dose of vitamin D directly into your bloodstream through an intramuscular injection. This method is used to quickly increase your vitamin D levels, especially if you have a deficiency that hasn’t responded well to oral supplements. It’s commonly recommended for individuals who have vitamin D deficiency, malabsorption issues, or certain medical conditions that prevent the body from effectively absorbing vitamin D from food or sunlight. The injection helps in boosting your bone health, supporting your immune system, and improving overall well-being.

How Will A Vitamin D Injection Benefit Me?

Vitamin D is crucial for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, supporting your immune system and so much more!  Benefits include:

Correction of a vitamin deficiency
Stronger bones and prevention of osteoporosis
Supports muscle strength and function
Reduced muscle pain
Improved energy levels
Enhanced immune function
Autoimmune dysregulation management
Reduces risk of chronic disease
Improves mood and alleviates symptoms of depression
Prevention of Seasonal Affective Disorder
Improved memory
Supports cardiovascular health

Who Benefits from Vitamin Injection?

Vitamin injections can be a benefit for so many people.  Here are some ways that you can benefit:

Vitamin B12 Injections – If you…

Have low Vitamin B12
Have a exclusive plant based diet (vegetarian or vegan)
Have gut absorption issues
Have a compromised digestive system (Crohn’s, Colitis or Celiac Disease)
Are healing from an injury
Are experiencing nerve pain
Experience chronic fatigue or low energy
Struggle with low mood or stress


Vitamin D Injections – If you…

Have limited sun exposure
Have low vitamin D
Have darker skin (i.e. may not produce enough vitamin D through sunlight exposure)
Are at risk for bone loss, osteopenia, osteoporosis
Have experienced bone loss, osteoporosis
Are elderly
Have a medical condition that limits vitamin D absorption



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What To Expect: Vitamin Injections


Dr. Jade Hoxie will visit with you at WIN Health Performance Centre, in Niagara Falls, to discuss your health concerns.  She reviews how you are feeling, asks you questions to understand your present state of health and health history.

During this discussion, Dr. Hoxie will review your blood work with you to evaluate any vitamin deficiencies or share more information if blood work is needed to fully understand if vitamin injection therapy is a good fit for you.


Throughout your visit, Dr. Jade Hoxie be assessing how much benefit and if the need is there for you to receive vitamin injection therapy.  She will utilize her professional assessment skills, reviewing your health concerns, health history, medication, natural supplements, in-clinic physical exam findings and other health markers and information that is specific to you.


If you can benefit from a vitamin injection, Dr. Hoxie will take time to thoroughly explain what to expect including how this treatment can help you, any potential risks or adverse effects and what to expect from the injection procedure.  Dr. Hoxie will share what you can expect after the injection so you are fully informed.

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