Chiropractic Acupuncture

You walk into WIN Health, seeking relief from the shoulder pain that has been hindering your daily activities.

Your chiropractor greets you warmly, recognizing the discomfort etched on your face.

They explain that in addition to chiropractic adjustments, they will incorporate medical acupuncture into your treatment plan.

As you lie on the treatment table, the chiropractor begins the session by carefully inserting fine acupuncture needles around your shoulder area.

With each subsequent acupuncture session, you notice a gradual improvement in your shoulder pain.

You can move more freely and without hesitation. Tasks that were once challenging become easier.

The chronic pain that once dominated your life gradually fades away, replaced by a newfound sense of ease and comfort. Your body feels lighter, as if a heavy burden has been lifted.

What Is Chiropractic Acupuncture?

Acupuncture Niagara Falls & Fonthill

Chiropractic acupuncture is based on thousands of years of acupuncture practice and knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine.

Our WIN Chiropractors are trained in contemporary medical acupuncture.

They use it to help the areas where you feel pain receive information, or neurological stimulation.

This balances those areas, so they work better and move better, so you can feel better.

Acupuncture during a chiropractic visit at our Niagara Falls clinic can help speed your recovery time.

WIN Chiropractors are professionally trained in acupuncture to help the function and health of your anatomy!

Start Feeling Better With
Chiropractic Acupuncture

Overcome Your Pain & Move Better

The benefits of an acupuncture treatment includes improved range of motion as well as decreased pain.

It also has a balancing effect on your nervous system.   This helps to reduce muscle tension and can help increase whole body relaxation.

chiropractor niagara falls
chiropractor niagara falls

What Is Acupuncture?

During your acupuncture session at our Niagara Falls clinic, your professionally trained WIN Chiropractor, will apply single-use, sterile, acupuncture needles to specific points on your body.

Acupuncture needles are very thin, so they usually cause little discomfort or you may not even feel them at all!

Points selected for your treatment benefit the way your nerves works and send messages to your muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels and immune system.  These messages help speed your recovery.

What Conditions Can Be Helped?

Acupuncture can help many different systems in your body.  During a chiropractic visit, they are focused on helping your musculoskeletal & nervous system.

If you experience these conditions, you can benefit:

Back Pain – due to sciatica, herniated discs, muscle strains, and spinal stenosis
Neck Pain – due to cervical spondylosis, whiplash, or muscle tension
Shoulder Pain – due to frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis, or bursitis
Knee Pain – due to osteoarthritis, meniscus tears, patellofemoral pain syndrome, or other knee-related injuries
Headaches & Migraines
Sports Injury

Chiropractor Niagara falls
Chiropractor niagara falls

Will Acupuncture Help Me?

Many people over the years have visited our clinic in Niagara Falls and felt acupuncture was a helpful part of their chiropractic care.

Acupuncture has the potential to support your body’s natural healing processes, bringing you closer to optimal health and vitality.

Chiropractor niagara falls
Niagara Falls chiropractor
niagara falls chiropractor

What Does Acupuncture Do?

Acupuncture is a practice rooted in traditional Chinese medicine that involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body.

It can stimulate nerves and muscles.  Acupuncture has been found to help manage pain, reduce stress, enhance circulation and decrease inflammation.

chiropractor niagara falls
chiropractor niagara falls

What Are The Benefits Of Acupuncture

There are thousands of research articles that demonstrate how acupuncture can help you.

Acupuncture can also help support many different systems in your body.

When your WIN Chiropractor uses acupuncture to help you, they put the needles in specific points to help stimulate your nerves, muscles and connective tissue.

This treatment can also boost your body’s production of natural pain killers at the sites where you need it most.

When combined with manual therapy, it can have increased benefit.

Is Acupuncture Safe?

When acupuncture is offered by a professionally trained health care provider it is safe.

Your WIN Chiropractor will take a complete history and assess any reasons why chiropractic acupuncture may or may not be right for you.

They will discuss what to expect and any risks you need to know about.  They will only offer acupuncture if they think it’s the best fit for you.

chiropractor niagara falls
chiropractor niagara falls

How Often Do I Need Acupuncture?

The frequency of your visits and how often you need acupuncture really does come down to you – your health concern, your individualized plan and your overall state of health.  Your WIN Chiropractor will always assess your need with each visit and will share with you the treatment plan so you understand how often you will benefit from an acupuncture treatment.

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We Provide

Our Chiropractic Services

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy, myofascial release, fascial distortion principles and spinal manipulations/mobilizations are specifically selected.

Acupuncture Niagara Falls

Chiropractic Acupuncture

Evidence-based neurofunctional acupuncture to regulate nerve function, release trigger points, reduce inflammation and manage pain.

Nuebie Therapy

Neubie Therapy

We are one of the few formally trained Canadian health clinic offering this Direct Current Therapy that provides a functional and neurological approach to faster healing, injury rehabilitation and high athletic performance.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy uses high-speed pulsations applied to a localized site to break down scar tissue, increase blood flow and change the biochemistry of an injured or chronically inflamed site.

LiteCure Laser Therapy

Class IV Laser Therapy

Our Class IV Laser system decreases inflammation and increases the rate of healing through an effective medical-grade laser transmission over the area of concern.

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Our Chiropractic Procedures


We will discuss your musculoskeletal health concerns and find out what obstacles are part of what you are experiencing. For example, what may have caused this in your everyday life, or if you had an injury.  We will talk about what makes your symptoms better or worse.  We will also talk with you about other factors that may be contributing to the concern, like previous injuries, surgeries, medications or trauma.


We will assess your movements and any limitations you have.  We will use specific testing to find out what part of your anatomy is not working properly.  These movement assessments are an important part of our approach. They help us determine which chiropractic therapies would work best for your situation.


You will receive an individualized treatment plan that is the best fit for you.  Chiropractic treatments aim to improve the function of an area of the body so you can move better and feel great.  We will work with you to provide an understanding about the goals of your treatment, the area it is helping and what benefits to expect.  We will guide you along your path to better health so you can reach your health goals.

chiropractor niagara falls

Elevating The Patient Experience

About WIN Health Performance Centre

Life is about thriving, enjoying each day, doing what you love and living life to the fullest.  As time passes, if you’re like most, you want to keep moving, feel strong and continue to feel great.

This is how WIN Health Performance Centre – one of Niagara’s largest multidisciplinary health clinics – can help you.

At WIN Health you will find a number of health professionals – Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Naturopathic Doctors and Registered Massage Therapists – to help you in your health.

With 20 years of service to the Niagara Region, we know how important it is for you to stay healthy to feel great in your life and contribute to a healthier community!

Why WIN Health Performance Centre?

At WIN Health Performance Centre, we believe in helping you discover how you can keep your body moving well and feeling great.  The WIN Health providers will take the time to talk with you, assess your specific concern and explain the connections within their body.  You will receive a plan that is all your own and ongoing comprehensive care.

Through innovative treatments you will receive the professional care you need to address an ongoing health concern or prevent one from happening.

If you are struggling with a local health concern, or want to know what you can do to be proactive in your health to prevent health concerns, we will guide you to transform your health.

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