What Is Physiotherapy
Neubie Therapy?

physiotherapy neubie therapy niagara falls

Physiotherapy Neubie Therapy is when we provide neubie therapy during your physiotherapy care.  Neubie Therapy by NeuFit can help bring your treatment, recovery and training to the next level.

The Neubie utilizes DC – Direct Current – Therapy to highly engage your nervous system during treatment.

Applying the Neubie machine to your body, while moving through a set of specific exercises that are tailored to your goals, maximizes your benefit and progress.

Through this process, you will experience less pain, faster healing, increased strength, and improved physical conditioning.



Get the most out of your muscles by using the Neubie to heighten your physical conditioning.  The Neubie uses your nervous system to more deeply engage your muscles, ligaments and tendons for their best performance and function.

physiotherapy neubie therapy niagara falls
physiotherapy neubie therapy niagara falls


Our WIN Health Physiotherapists use the Neubie to “map” out specific areas that you want to strengthen.

This identifies areas that need the most support so you can have targeted strengthening.

With the Neubie DC applied during your physiotherapy session, you will engage a higher number of muscle fibers and amplify the benefits and results of your exercise.


When you use the Neubie to target specific areas, it also helps your body safely move when you experience limitations or pain.

If you are a recovering athlete, or if you have an injury and want to stay active, this is how the Neubie can help.

It increases muscle function and movement so you can recover faster from fitness, fatigue or injury.

physiotherapy neubie therapy niagara falls



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What is

Neubie Direct Current

You can benefit from the Neubie at any time if you are interested in  faster healing times from an injury, are seeking high athletic performance or both!

The Neubie makes your nervous system efficient which results in faster healing, muscle building and strength, increased mobility and pain reduction.

If you struggle with with chronic illness, need to rehab after injury or need to maximize fitness and athletic performance, the Neubie can help.

Unlike passive treatments, like TENS or IFC machines, which are AC current, the Neubie requires you to actively move while a Direct Current (DC) is applied.

We are one of the few formally Neubie trained clinic in Canada!

physiotherapy neubie therapy niagara falls

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We will take your history and perform musculoskeletal assessment and treatment/activation.


Using the Neubie machine, we will scan your body in the area of concern and attach pads based on areas that need support.


We will guide you through specific movements with the Neubie attached to build the neurological and musculoskeletal function in the area of concern.

Physiotherapy neubie therapy niagara falls

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