Five years ago we moved, opened and re-imagined WIN Health Solutions at Optimist Square.  This is an exciting moment for us, as we celebrate five WINning years at Optimist Square.  We are excited to announce our new SECOND location, WIN…altra, in Fonthill, coming November 2019!

WIN started in 2006; since then we have committed to helping others, to uniting a caring team at WIN and to providing exceptional health care for our community.

We always envisioned WIN to be a health centre where everyone feels welcome and comfortable to discuss their health concerns.  Patients are met with support and encouragement and receive options to learn about solutions to their health needs.  This provides the essential stepping stones in the journey toward optimal health and the ability to reach personal health goals and evolve ones health.

We are grateful for the opportunity to help others.

This begins an exciting new chapter for WIN.  WIN…altra will be an extension of our initial goal and commitment.  We will continue to offer our best health services, in addition to using innovative and current treatment options that we consistently embrace at WIN.

You can find us at our first location in Niagara Falls, at 4725 Dorchester Road and at our SECOND location in Fonthill at Uptown Square, 160 Hwy 20 West, Units 1 & 2.  In the coming months of our construction phase, stay tuned for new pictures and postings.  With social media and our WIN newsletter, we will keep you updated.  We will look forward to welcoming your visit in the fall and together we will work on your truest and best expression of health.