By WIN Provider: Dr. Matthew Bird

Dr. Bagnulo’s post “Don’t Hit Snooze” couldn’t have come at a better time. We all struggle to live a balanced life between work, family and personal growth, as we tend to put others before ourselves. As we put ourselves on the back burner we tend to see a couple of extra pounds, gaining waist lines and that dreaded feeling of fatigue without really doing anything at all. We go through life working the 40-hour grind (if not more) to “better our situation” but are we really bettering ourselves? For the most of us it is an uneven balance leaning us away from physical health and wellbeing as we sort out our affairs to figure out life.

Well, for the first time in 15 years I have decided to embark on a new path of personal development and physical fitness. I am back on the water now rowing with the Niagara Falls Rowing Club. Yes, the mornings are early and the sport is demanding but as per Dr. Bagnulo’s article states, the early risers tend to be the most successful and balanced individuals.

We all have excuses to not get up and get active and trust me, I am no different, but sometimes you just have to try.  Will power and determination will give you the motivation to achieve your lifestyle goals.  Be smart about your plan and make your goals realistic and reasonable and you will see yourself in a new light.

Challenge yourself, take action and be happy!