By WIN Contributor: Dr. Nicholas Slowinski, Chiropractor

Chiropractors diagnose and treat conditions dealing with the many joints of the arms and legs. We commonly see various conditions of the shoulder, hip, knee, wrist…if it’s a joint in the body, we know how to help!

When you “roll your ankle,” it’s also known as a lateral ankle sprain.  These are common among physically active people.  These injuries are often treated with a combination of several therapies such as ice packs in the initial phases. If the injury is bad enough you might seek professional help from your doctor, physiotherapist, or chiropractor.  

Although no two joints or joint conditions are necessarily managed in the same way, ankles can often be treated with a joint manipulation, similar to what people commonly know to occur during a typical chiropractic visit for neck or back pain. One joint which responds remarkably well to treatment of this type are the ankles!

A lateral ankle sprain often results in a laxity in the structures supporting the joint. This means that the joint itself becomes “mechanically unstable” compared to before the injury.

A common finding in a previously sprained ankle often detected by chiropractors includes decreased mobility of the ankle.  This leads to a loss in the ability to perform the necessary movements of the foot on the ankle when we walk, run, jump.  Even several weeks post injury; the sprained ankle often demonstrates a loss of range of motion.

An effective treatment that provides both rehabilitative and preventive properties would be beneficial to the management of lateral ankle sprain. One promising intervention is manual manipulation of the ankle!

Recent research suggests that manual manipulation of the ankle joint was beneficial in the treatment of acute/chronic lateral ankle sprains and can effectively treat functional instability. Patients who have this sort of treatment see an improved ankle range of motion.

Many patients visit with me at WIN Health Solutions for ankle injuries and other concerns related to their ankles.  If you are experiencing ankle pain and/or stiffness, and if this is affecting your ability to move or be active, I would be happy to discuss treatment options that are a good fit for you.