Our WIN Niagara Naturopath Dr. Laura Imola and her good friend, Felice Valvano of Valvano Salon in St. Catharines, had a chat one day.  In their own fields of work, they both noticed that more and more people were talking to them about hair loss.

Hair loss is something that people may not openly discuss but they often seek advice from their Hairstylist.  Similarly, the conversation arises during a visit to their Naturopathic Doctor as a Naturopath takes time to reviews the keynotes of a person’s health and the topic of hair almost always comes up.

Dr. Laura and Felice, being passionate about their work, decided to do something to help get the conversation going about hair loss and share information, solutions and support for those concerned about their hair health.

This is a webinar to watch if you are someone who is concerned about the changes you have noticed in your hair.

Once you’ve watched, share your comments or questions on YouTube, our Facebook page or send us an email.  We would love to hear from you and your post will help countless other people who come to our sites for ideas, inspiration and support.

And as always, if you would like to have individualized, professional health care that is focused on your specific hair health concerns, contact us to arrange a visit with Dr. Laura and she will be happy to assist you.