By WIN Contributor: Dr. Matthew Bird, Chiropractor

At WIN, we consistently utilize orthopaedic testing, imaging methods (MRI, Ultrasound Imaging, etc.) and research to focus in on a patient’s area of concern (i.e. tissues such as muscle, tendon, ligaments, nerves, bones, etc.) and develop the best Chiropractic treatment strategy.

Sometimes, certain tissue cannot be so easily differentiated because they are part of a larger tissue group. But at WIN Health, my Chiropractic colleagues and I go above and beyond to understand the area we are working with, and with this zeroing in, we get to the heart of the matter and implement beneficial therapy.

Palpation Sees The Anatomy

WIN Chiropractors have keen palpation skills, which is the use of our fingertips to read the anatomy of the area of concern.  Our strength and ability in reading and understanding through palpation with every patient is cornerstone to our diagnostic expertise.

So, what are we generally feeling for during our clinical assessments?  We are essentially feeling for subtle and obvious changes in TENSION.  There are two types of tension: Mechanical and Neurological.

Mechanical tension is the tension that can be felt within a tissue’s normal range of motion (ROM) that increases as it’s stretched. We can feel this tension when we move the area of concern.  We can also figure out if there are specific spots along an area that may hold more tension than others.  This helps us decide how to treat the tissue in the affected area.

Neurological tension is tension felt along the entire muscle group and can be read when the area is at rest and when it’s moved.  This gives us even more information about the nature of the concern and how to best treat it.

Taking Time To Understand Tension

Taking time to thoroughly evaluate tissue tension between structures and within structures is tremendously important in getting you feeling better.  With this knowledge we can more specifically release the tension and overcome any barriers in your treatment.

For example, there is something called the Neuromuscular Barrier.  This is a shift that occurs in the body to protect itself following an injury.  It’s based on your past experiences.  This mechanism can limit your range and recovery.  So, even without an injury your own internal shifts and changes may limit your true full potential to achieve optimal mobility.

Resetting and Restoring

After the tension is diffused, we safely expand ROM.  We also strengthen, produce tissue changes for recovery and provide safe guards to prevent future damage.   This type of information “input” to the tissue through the manual therapy we provide will lead to better “output” of in the sequence of your movement.  This will protect you from injury and allow for personal growth and development in daily functions and athletics.

We address each individual with these steps to assist with acute injuries, chronic injuries, health maintenance or even proactive health goals. Addressing your chronic tightness through manual hands on therapy with a WIN Chiropractor Niagara Falls will keep you on a higher ground for performance in life and sport.

To work with a WIN Chiropractor to gain comprehensive care for your optimal health, or a specific musculoskeletal concern, contact us at WIN Health Solutions and it would be our pleasure to assist you.