By WIN Contributor: Dr. Matthew Bird, Chiropractor

In the spirit of Heart Health month and Valentines Day, here are the top 6 ways I promote a healthy heart in my life and advise to those I inspire everyday in clinic. Cardiovascular disease is still one of the top issues we as North Americans face leading to early death. This type of disease is a lifestyle disease meaning you have many options to help ward of this silent killer.

1)   Heart healthy foods –  Veggies mmmm so good. A colourful plate will help increase those plant sterols that help prevent plaque build up leading to vascular turbulence and vascular disease.

2)   Regular physical activity and walks with my family, yes even in the cold!    

  •             Deep snow walking (ok mostly with my dog) to help improve joint health and muscle activation
  •             Resistance training (resistance bands or weights)
  •             A combination of Pilates and Yoga

Couples/families that train together, stay together for positive motivation to push one another to achieve their goals/dreams.

And for those that really know me, you guessed it, I also really enjoy Volleyball and Snowboarding!

Finding those activities that truly inspire you to move and stay active during the winter months makes them much more enjoyable.

3)   Rest! Just as important as exertion for the restoration and repair of stressed tissues.

4)   WATER! The essence of life. Regular water intake will help hydrate your body and improve cellular communication for cognition and tissue function and repair.

5)   For those that enjoy the finer things in life, a nice glass of red wine. A glass is all you need to take in those antioxidants, which help ward of those damaging free radicals.

6)   Regular WIN Health chiropractic adjustments. Restoration of spinal mobility improves the neural connection to all internal organs including your heart.

There are many ways and things you can do to help improve your heart health and the WIN Health Solutions team is here for you!