By Dr. Ernie Bagnulo, Chiropractor


Definition: the gradual development of something (eg. Organisms and processes).

The natural way to progress in life is through an evolutionary process.  Since the beginning of time evolution has been studied and monitored, but no matter what it is fact.

The process of evolution holds true in all we do or encounter.  Think about cars 50 years ago and cars today; sports equipment 50 years ago and sports equipment today; computers of 50 years ago and computers today; medicine 50 years ago and medicine today.

By embracing the process of change and evolution then we can improve and progress to becoming better and more efficient in all facets of our lives.

My experiences as a health care practitioner in neuromuscular care has allowed me to research and embrace many new forms of care.  From manual techniques to acupuncture to Laser and Shockwave therapy.  Most recently, I have integrated a new modality and form of care that involves active movement patterns combined with Direct (DC) Current.  This therapy is comfortable for the patient and has provided outcomes that I am extremely happy with, based on the speed of healing and permanent gains that patients are making, thus achieving an even greater level of fulfilment for doctor and patient.

How can you evolve?  How can you change or aid yourself to self-betterment?  If you would like to discuss or experience how I have attempted to evolve within my rehabilitation practices, I’d be happy to talk with you at WIN Health Solutions, Niagara Falls or WIN…altra, Fonthill.