By WIN Contributor: Dr. Matthew Bird, Chiropractor

Happy New Year!!!!!

The new year is a time of celebration and reflection as to what has transpired in the last year and what is to come for us as we ring in the year with family and friends.

How did your goals and dreams hold up for 2019? Were you able to see your hard work come to fruition or were you challenged with unexpected obstacles? Either way our outcomes of the last year are all apart of our individual growth and development.

Learning or experiencing new and exciting things or struggling through some tough times is all about learning who we really are and how we can handle the good and the bad.

It is not always easy to see the good in the bad but if we can consciously reflect on how we handled our year in review, we can hope to gain some personal growth and work towards positive changes for the future. 

Someone once told me that in order to become self aware, we must be able to love the unlovable and forgive the unforgivable so we can truly act in a selfless manor. These statements may seem difficult to do or even understand, which they are, but that is why life is so precious as it is all based on learning novel ideas and experiencing novel experiences.

We can adapt and change as individuals through our attitudes and behaviours based on our learning throughout life. Maturity is something that comes from experience and wisdom comes from learning through our experiences and knowledge. That is why life is meant to be lived.

How can we stop ourselves short by limiting our experiences and letting minor events or struggles keep us down?

Therefore, the new year is so exciting as it gives us a chance to reflect on how we have succeeded or struggled. No one is perfect and we can all improve in some fashion with respect to our lives. We are all different yet all the same. We all possess the same basic primal instincts rooted in our mammalian brain, but can we learn to control them? Thankfully we have evolved to utilize our neocortex and rationally interpret our environment and experiences so we can learn what works and what does not.

So, lets make 2020 the year we all see a little clearer, to ride the ups and downs with open minds and caring hearts.

Let yourself experience new and exciting things while managing the daily grind with a smile. So, for the start of a new year, a new decade, challenge yourself to get creative in new physical, mental and emotional experiences so you may feel alive! See past your usual habits and break the mold that is holding you back.

Life is short but is also the longest thing we can do as individuals so don’t waste it on negativity but push yourself to succeed! As a member of the WIN Health Solutions family we know you have it in you to break free and show your truest expressions of yourself!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!