By WIN Contributor: Shauna Pierrynowski, PTA, RNCP

As Dr. Nick wrote in his last blog post that most people give up on their healthy new year resolutions within the first fifteen days of making them… Being that it’s January 17th…I’m here to check in to see how your doing with sticking to your goals.  Are you making them Stick or have they taken a Slide?

If you are starting to feel that Sticking to your big health goals is starting to Slide… I propose this…

How about setting tiny monthly goals so you can achieve them? 

As I sit here to write this blog post for WIN Health Solutions I myself find that I also get stuck thinking about healthy changes.  My mind wonders on the endless possibility of what I can change positively in my personal and professional life. 

Should it be a goal about health (physical, mental, the whole package)?  What about finances?  Maybe I should give back to the community?  Or maybe just take care of my wellbeing?  

Whatever the resolution or goals are, here are some helpful tips on how to keep it small, keep it smart and actually achieve these goals.


SMART Goal Setting 101

S – SPECIFIC these goals address the what, why and how.

M – MEASURABLE this is the part where your goal is concrete and observable.

A – ATTAINABLE this is made up of small goals or changes that are under your control – example you want to lose 20lbs let’s start with eating less CRAP (Carbs, Refined sugar, Artificial, Processed foods) and eat more FOOD (fruits/veggies, organic lean protein, omega 3s, drink water)

R – REWARDING don’t go and set a goal that will make you angry, try small steps like instead of eating chips every night while watching t.v switch it to 5 nights of popcorn rather than the chips and keep going from there replacing the last item with something healthier.

T – TIME BOUND putting an end date or point on a goal will give you’re a clear and concrete target to achieve.

I hope you find these simple goal setting ideas helpful in whatever it is that you choose to change in your life.  If you need more guidance, a specific plan and individualized support, visit with one of our team members at WIN Health Solutions Niagara and they can help you Stick to your health goals so that this year brings you more health and happiness!