With the beautiful summer weather and residing in the lively Niagara region it’s easy to be active and enjoy the scenery that our city has to offer.

The providers at WIN Health Solutions Niagara are enjoying the summertime for some of their most favourite activities.  They share how they stay and have fun during the summer months and we look at the proven health benefits behind their most favourite forms of exercise.

Life’s A Climb, But The View Is Great

Chiropractor, Dr. Ernie Says:

“There’s nothing better in the summertime than getting out on the open road on my bike.  Whether with my riding group or on my own, it is a fast and fun experience that keeps me strong and clears my mind.”

Dr. Ernie enjoys the endurance sport of road biking.  Going long distances on a light weight bike, whether independently or with a group, is liberating and invigorating.  In addition to the whole body exercise and calming effects cycling provides, there are many other positive benefits for riders.  Stanford University found that cyclists sleep better.  They also found that the increased circulation experienced by cyclists expedites the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells and removal of toxins out of them.  The result?  Less wrinkles and a more youthful appearance! 😉

Mix It Up: Team Sports, Independent Exercise and Family Time

Chiropractor, Dr. Matt Says:

“I play beach volleyball and baseball for social and physical activity. I also combine yoga and Pilates for mobility and control, and add some weight training for strength. Oh… and I can¹t forget about walking with the family and the family dog. 🙂 ”

Dr. Matt knows the secret to staying fit… variety!  While enjoying different forms of exercise, from team sports, to his own strength training and stretching and even walking his dog with the family, Dr. Matt maintains a variety of regular activity.  Mixing up exercise, along with finding ways to be active during everyday life, is a great way to keep activity fresh and motivating rather than repetitive and boring.  Having a consistent amount of diverse good quality exercise can help solidify exercise as a healthy part of everyone’s lifestyle.

Cruising The Parkway

Physiotherapy Assistant and Kinesiologist, Karen Says:

“I enjoy bike riding along the Niagara parkway to keep active. I love the scenery! There is so much beauty.”

Getting out into the beautiful green space of Niagara on a bike is a great way to obtain cardiovascular benefits.  In addition, the University of Washington found there are more than 100 studies that have shown that relaxation and stress reduction are also significant benefits associated with spending time in green space.

Get Out For A Swing

Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Laura Says:

“I am hooked on Kettlebells with Tina at Kettlebells Niagara.  In the summer I really enjoy her outdoor classes.  This low impact, high intensity workout has helped me feel stronger in my yoga classes and keep up with my bustling little boys!”

The American Council on Exercise found a twenty minute Kettlebells class can lead to the same, and often greater, amounts of calorie expenditure experienced in a regular cardio class.  Plus, a kettlebell class simultaneously provides cardiovascular and strength training.  It’s a great option for people who are short on time and are looking for a complete work out.

Run, Run, Run And Have Fun

Personal Trainer, Scott Says:

“Running down Clifton Hill and by the falls, dodging all the tourists and then running up the big hill and around the casino is always an adventure.  It’s nice to listen to some good tunes while running through the crowd…especially when it’s hot!!”

Scott finds ways to switch up his exercise and infuses fun into what ever he does.  Studies have found that running helps to reduce stress and many runners have their own personal stories about the stress busting powers of their regular jog.

Making exercise a regular part of our lifestyle is essential for physical health, stress management and emotional wellbeing.  Take advantage of this beautiful area we live in to explore and enjoy a new physical activity this summer.  It’s all right outside your door!