By WIN Provider: Dr. Matthew Bird, Chiropractor


This topic is a very common discussion at the clinic, and it is a loaded question. The short answer is YES form does matter.


It matters in many aspects of our physical health from posture related concerns, strength, endurance, and flexibility training.


But…. does that mean we all must have the same form? Same technique? Same goals?


Many people use the excuse of being afraid to start a physical routine because they don’t want to do the exercises wrong and hurt themselves.


This is a very limiting statement and generally spills over into other aspects of one’s life (mental and emotional) and limits their resiliency for a mindset of fragility.


Think of a one-year-old learning to walk.


Are they efficient?


Are they stable?


Are they “dysfunctional”?


Well of course not but with practice and the desire to learn they continue to progress and eventually figure it out.


The body as it matures goes through numerous physical transformations and during each stage a new challenge is always present.


As we mature, we start the process of refinement to hopefully continue our skill development. This all starts with understanding the basics and how we must adapt to our unique physical structures.


The process is simple really, start with the foundations of posture. Whether that is posturing for daily life ie: sitting, standing, walking or resistance training or endurance training. Baby steps in the process of form is key.

  • Be specific in your goal
  • Be conscious in your actions
  • Be Consistent
  • Build a routine or tactical plan to mark progress
  • Keep the routine simple


Building towards better form requires patience and a desire to master a skill with nothing other than hard work and commitment.


The path to excellence resides in the constant reassessment of your goals.


In previous posts I have discussed the importance of building spinal awareness and the laws of torque (shoulders and hips) for an overall stable frame.


The small intrinsic actions that occur throughout our bodies must be recognized for a stronger sense of internal strength by building motor patterns for ultimate control.


It is far too often that we injure ourselves because we rush the process by either doing something too much, too fast, or too soon. If we don’t recognize faulty strategies and ignore the basics of body awareness, then we fall victim to the SAID principle.


SAID Principle: Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands


This simply means that if we don’t work on form and build control/co-ordination then we will limit or hinder our capacity to build tissue strength, endurance, and flexibility.


The longer we refrain from addressing movement deficits the longer and harder it can be too undue those built-up strains and sprains.


So, as we march into the holiday season and dare, I say the winter season, our motivation to stay active generally gets put on the back burner and thus further limits our ability to build itself up for longevity.


Instead of slumping over at your desk for 8 hrs a day and then sitting at home watching TV or surfing the web get on the ground and start with mobility work of those hips, shoulders, and spine!


Chiropractic care is an instrumental component of healthcare that focuses on the optimization of the individual in the physical, mental, and emotional domains.


Take charge of your health and visit a WIN Health Chiropractor who can help start you on the path to self-improvement. Don’t let fear stop you from moving better.