By WIN Provider: Dr. Laura Imola, Naturopathic Doctor


Do you wonder what Naturopathic Doctors treat?  A Naturopathic Doctor is a licensed health care provider that can assist you in your health in many ways.

Our primary focus is teaching you how to live a healthy life and improve your health.

If you are struggling with a health concern, we can talk with you about the ways you can address your concern through several different options.



Naturopathic therapeutic options include:


Lifestyle counselling

Botanical (Herbal) Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture & Herbs

Homeopathic Medicine

Nutraceuticals (vitamins & supplements)

Hydrotherapy (hot/cold water therapy)


…and many Naturopathic Doctors have other areas of special training that range from soft tissue therapies and sports medicine to yoga to IV therapy and prescription of bioidentical hormones.




We can address the whole spectrum of your personal health needs.  There are three main ways a Naturopathic Doctor can help you.




Do you want to maintain your current state of good health?


Or you have a family history of a condition you want to prevent?


Naturopathic Doctors can talk with you about what you can do to upkeep your health and feel your best.


Options to prevent inflammation and joint heath, support energy, protect your gut, support your brain and cardiovascular system, prevent food allergies, support healthy aging and promotes cellular health are just a few aspects to a naturopathic plan.




Do you have poor sleep?  Ongoing digestive issues?  A persistent skin rash? Frequent urinary tract or yeast infections?  Or have you had frequent infections that you just can’t shake?


If there are ongoing symptoms you are experiencing, a Naturopathic Doctor can help. We take a deep dive into your health picture to understand why these symptoms are happening and which natural treatment options are going to give you the most relief.


Some commonly experienced daily health concerns we can address include:

Poor sleep

Poor energy


Gut and gallbladder issues

Skin rashes

Urinary tract infections

Yeast infections

Stress management

Seasonal allergies

Food allergies

Hormonal imbalances

Poor Immunity

Colds, Flus, Sinusitis

Ear Infections, Throat infections

Autoimmune conditions


Blood sugar regulation

Cholesterol regulation


We can talk with you about any persistent heath concern, and help you find a way to resolve it.  If you are taking prescription medications, we can still offer options that will compliment your current conventional medical treatment plan and still support you in your health.


Pre-Conception & Pregnancy

If you are planning to have a baby and would like guidance on how to optimize your health, or if you are looking for support during and/or after your pregnancy we can help during this special stage of life.  We have a vast knowledge about how to support you during these stages, and offer natural treatment that is safe during pregnancy should a health concern develop.




Many people struggle chronic illnesses.  Autoimmune disease, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer or multiple sclerosis are just a few examples of chronic illnesses.


Chronic illnesses can change the way you live, have complex outcomes, risk factors and can lead to a tremendous amount of stress.


Naturopathic doctors can offer support that compliments the heath care you are experiencing from your team of health care providers, such as your family doctor, specialists, nurses and other allied health care providers.



If you are looking to be proactive in your health care, have persistent symptoms or health concerns that are ongoing, or have a chronic illness and are looking for support, visit our Naturopathic Doctor at our Niagara Falls or Fonthill Clinic.


Book online or contact us to arrange your visit and receive guidance to help empower you in your health journey.