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Naturopathic Medicine is for anyone asking “why” in their health. Why is a symptom occurring? Why do I feel this way? Our Naturopathic Doctor helps people understand what is at the root of their health concern, how their symptoms are connected and empowers them to live healthier lives.

Rather than just focusing on the symptom, our Naturopathic Doctor considers a person’s whole picture of health, including their current health, nutrition, lifestyle, medication, environment, health history and family history. Through this broader professional approach, patients can discuss their concerns, gain valuable health education and understand the natural treatment options that are the best fit for them.

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It can be challenging to navigate all the nutrition information at our fingertips. Our Naturopathic Doctor will help you learn more about nutrition as it relates to you and help you set practical and attainable goals.


These ultra-dilute single or multi-ingredient formulas help to re-inform, remind and re-balance physiology.


With thousands of years of wisdom, therapeutics and healing rolled into this treatment that continues to be very safe and effective in healthcare today.


Herbal Medicine

The first medicine was herbal medicine. Western herbs and Chinese herbs support the inherent self-organizing healing process within.

Natural Dispensary

Old-world remedies and contemporary formulas compose our specially selected in-house dispensary.

Live Blood Cell Analysis

In real-time, see a world of healthy living within your body. The evaluation of live blood can indicate where you need support and if your current health practices are offering you benefits.

Laboratory Services

Conventional testing such as routine blood tests, urinalysis alongside specialized food sensitivity testing, salivary hormone tests and testing for heavy metal toxicity.

Food Sensitivity Testing

We offer two food tests. The Carroll Test assesses foods that are not digested well leading to toxicity and inflammation. The IgG Food Sensitivity test, through Dynacare Laboratory, measures antibody levels to 120-200 different foods.

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  • 5 star review  Incredible facility and even better staff. Always leave feeling 100x better!

    thumb Chris Commisso
  • 5 star review  Incredible customer service - this is one fantastic care team. Every single member of the WIN health team is deserving of praise. Between my career, sports and other adventures (or... read more

    thumb Leila Paw
  • 5 star review  Great P.T. place. Friendly therapists who have your best interests at heart.

    thumb Gudrun Dockstader

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Each visit starts with you sharing your health concerns with our Naturopathic Doctor. She will listen and ask questions to get a thorough understanding of your concerns, current health picture and health history.


An assessment of health through vital signs, local physical assessment, urinalysis, laboratory testing, nutrition tracking, pH measurements provide important information about the nature of your health concern.


Treatment options that are safe, effective and individualized to you are discussed, in addition to sharing health information and education so that you can be informed and empowered in your health care.

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