By WIN Provider: Dr. Greg Lamb, Chiropractor


Do you ever wonder what do chiropractors treat?  There are many conditions that chiropractors treat and the truth is, the list is very long.

However, in today’s blog I will be going over what chiropractors treat and some of the most common conditions we see in our clinic and how patients experiencing them can benefit from chiropractic care.



Sprain/strain injuries are very common, and both refer to damage to soft tissues in the body. Sprains affect ligaments while strains affect muscles and tendons.

Sprain/strain injuries can occur anywhere in the body where ligaments, muscles and tendons are present including the neck, back, upper limbs and lower limbs.

With an acute sprain/strain injury the PRICE protocols (Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) should be utilized until you’re able to visit your chiropractor.

Once at our office we will utilize joint manipulation techniques, soft tissue therapies, and specific exercises to strengthen damaged tissues and get your back to enjoying your daily life.



This type of condition typically refers to injuries where the source of pain comes from the joints in the neck or back.

These joints are called facet joints and are innervated by nerves which communicate with the brain to perceive pain. When these joints are not moving the way they are supposed to, the nerves that innervate the joints get irritated and send pain signals to the brain which is what the patient perceives as neck or back pain.

This type of condition responds very well to chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue therapies.



The discs of the spine are of made up of soft fibrous tissue with a jelly-like center and act as shock absorbers for the body.

Discogenic problems can vary from a mild tear or bulge of the disc to a severe rupture.

Pain with discogenic problems often occurs suddenly and may increase with prolonged sitting or increasing abdominal pressure (i.e. when going to the bathroom).

Chiropractors are well equipped to help patients with discogenic back pain through the use of light spinal manipulation, physiotherapeutic modalities, and exercise prescription.



TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems are typically associated with pain in the jaw or near the ear.

Other symptoms include difficulty chewing food and opening/closing the mouth with an occasional clicking sound.

Chiropractic treatment of TMJ problems help by relaxing the associated muscles and adjusting the associated joints to restore proper TMJ alignment and biomechanics.



Tennis elbow (also known as lateral epicondyalgia) involves pain on the lateral aspect of the elbow due to overuse or repetitive motion affecting forearm muscles and tendons.

This type of injury is commonly seen in tennis or other racquet sports (hence the name) due to the repetitive nature of the game.

This can lead to pain and tenderness on the outer side of the elbow, inability to perform even simple tasks with your hand, and muscle weakness. This type of condition can be treated through the use of modalities, exercise rehabilitation, and specific adjustments.



This condition involves irritation or inflammation of the thin fascia present on the bottom of the foot.

This is typically associated with a bone spur at the heel of the foot which can cause muscle tightness and irritation.

Symptoms of this condition include pain in the heel while walking or exercising with associated numbness and swelling. This type of injury can be treated through the use of soft tissue therapies (including shockwave therapy), restoration of proper biomechanics and custom orthotics.


If you suffer from any of the conditions mentioned above, or any other musculoskeletal complaint, visit a WIN Health Chiropractor so we can get you back to living a happy and healthy life as soon as possible.  Book Online or Contact Us to start feeling better – same day and last minute appointments are available!