By WIN Contributor: Dr. Ernie Bagnulo, Chiropractor

Simple motion can make life more enjoyable!

We all want to exercise but just cant find the time to get it in during our busy days….here’s an easy one and it doesn’t have to be time consuming.

Our spines were meant to move in all directions, this includes rotation.   Patients tell me daily, they feel restricted when turning to the left or to the right, or both.

In the diagram above, we can rotate side to side while standing or lunging.   Lunging can be more taxing and build strength in the lower extremities. It’s not necessary for spinal rotation, but it can help kick things up a notch if you’re feeling like having some extra physical challenge.

Grab a ball, weight or broom handle and gently rotate side to side. Hold for a couple of seconds on either side.  I guarantee, performing this exercise regularly will open up the rotation of your back and have you feeling less restricted.

Thirty seconds each time is all it takes!   Go and get moving!