By WIN Contributor: Dr. Ernie Bagnulo, Chiropractor

I’m sure we have all seen or heard of the “sit to stand” desks that are on the market now to help prevent the lower back pain associated with sitting all day at a desk. Standing desks are definitely increasing in use and popularity.

In fact, in our own office, we had a staff member who very much wanted a standing desk so she did not have to sit all day as she can experience hip and lower back pain. I thought it wouldn’t make that much of a difference, not because the desk was the problem but because I consider other variables in the whole picture like flooring, repetitive movements, biomechanics, etc. I was pleasantly surprised to find the contrary!

Once we received the AnthroDesk and put it together, which was very easy and took all of ten minutes, the difference was noticeable within the first day.  Our team member felt her back hurt less. She also found she could be more helpful to our patients because she could interact with them while standing and look at them eye to eye.  The quality of her work experience increased and she felt the AnthroDesk had made a difference.  We’ve had the desk for just over a week and I also see that the AnthroDesk has made a difference. She doesn’t have as much discomfort by the end of the work day, which is great!

The desktop dimensions are approximately 25” x 17” and was quite easy to fit onto the existing desk.  Our set up consists of four computer monitors aligned together on one long desk.  The AnthroDesk fit right into the one existing work station and the integration was seamless.  It was barely noticed because it was simply designed and modern looking. It is also very cost effective.

The desk itself is easy to use, the existing “lift and lock mechanism” is easy to maneuver the height and the resistance from sliding up and down is nil. The height adjustments are smooth and precise.

As great as the desk looks and as easy as it is to use, the most important feature cannot be lost, it has helped to reduce back pain, increase productivity and contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Our team member has been much happier at work; and for a chiropractic and physiotherapy clinic, it was great to see this positive outcome.