By WIN Contributor: Dr. Ernie Bagnulo, Chiropractor

Cycling season is upon us and its time to review a few simple and easy steps to stay safe on the road or in the trails (depending on your preference).

Head Safety

Please wear a helmet all the time….as in 100% of the time, NO EXCEPTIONS.   It takes one error and in a split second, you can have a life changing accident by acquiring head trauma.  A vast majority of bike accidents involve head injuries and that includes those using a helmet.  Concussions can be minimized with the proper equipment.  If you think you have had one, please get evaluated for the proper care and treatment plan.

Broken Bones

It happens commonly in cycling accidents, even at low speed.  Learning how to fall is just as important as being safe and avoiding the fall.  If you reach out with your arm and hand your collarbone will take the brunt of the force and a fracture is likely.  Try rolling with the fall, if needed.  It may prevent a fracture.


This seems less severe but when you get one, you won’t think so.  First and foremost is to hydrate prior to, and during, the ride.  Take in water with electrolytes and magnesium, this will decrease the likelihood of cramping, leading to the inability to finish your ride.   Also, a proper bike setup can help avoid this too.

Scrapes, Cuts & Bruises

If and when they happen, you want to make sure that you flush them out and keep them free from bacteria.  They are an open pathway to an infection.  Wearing the proper clothing on the bike can help too.  If you fall, you want to slide with minimal resistance, since getting caught on the ground is the time that wounds happen.

Repetition Injuries

Think of how many times your knee comes up when you ride a bike, and how fast this is happening.  Every time you ride your bike this number can vary from thousands to hundreds of thousands.  Needless to say, the knees and hips take a great deal of repetitive stress.  Listen to your body, and if it hurts, get treatment by a professional.

These types of injures can be helped and you will have a minimal amount of down time.

To keep your body in the best condition for this cycling season visit our team of experts at WIN Health Solutions and we’d be happy to help.  Feel great, enjoy the ride and stay safe!