When we can get a good dose of a therapeutic agent through our food, this is a great way to go.  It’s simple, practical and easy.  Many people eat yogurt regularly to help provide them with “probiotic food” which they feel supplies them with the live microorganisms needed for optimal health.  They’ve received this health advice from an article they read, a friend, a family member, and sometimes even their health care provider.  The question is… can yogurt be an effective source of probiotics?

Generations ago, the cow that could be seen from the kitchen window that was part of the family farm was the source of the milk, provided that morning, to make yogurt.  The cow was happy, it grazed on grass, it spent time in open pastures and the milk that was taken from it was not pasteurized.  This was traditional dairy farming practice, and although this is still the practice in many parts of the world, this picture has evolved significantly today in Canada.  When yogurt was consumed this way it still contained all the naturally occurring probiotics, enzymes and other components that enabled it to be fermented and turned into a true probiotic food.

Modern day yogurt is quite different and it’s something that I’ve always understood, even as I discussed probiotics with patients and offered guidance.  Recently the University of Toronto’s Department of Nutritional Sciences investigated if yogurt is a source of probiotics.  Check out my latest video to see if yogurt is a good source of probiotics.

Probiotics are very important to maintain optimal health.  Science is proving more and more that the healthy bacteria levels in our bodies are important for good digestion, immune function, mood, metabolism and more.

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