By WIN Contributor: Dr. Nicholas Slowinski, Chiropractor

With the ever-growing opioid epidemic in Canada, people who experience persistent pain are often found desperately searching for a solution to a problem that seems to linger on no matter what they do.

This has lead to the development of an exciting new era of Pain Science that little people know about.  Many of our patients at WIN Health come to see us because they have pain; some have even had pain related concerns for years.  As we work with our patients, we also teach them that we all have the power to change how we experience our pain.  We can be our own health advocates!  As such, I’ve created this post for all those who have persistent pain. Your part is simple, watch the video below until the very end!

Once you’ve done that… develop some mental strategies to change the way you think about your pain, and set goals for yourself.  I’ve also included the eBook below for those who are seeking a resource to further their understanding about pain and options for pain management. You’re stronger than you think… and as always the team at WIN Health Solutions is happy to help you on your journey!