By Dr. Laura Imola, Naturopathic Doctor

The holidays should be a happy time of year.  The sparkle and magic of the season is in the air and represented by the all the twinkle lights and festive decorations.  However, there can be elements to the holidays that can be stressful for most people.  Whether it’s shopping for gifts, waiting in line-ups, party planning or family dynamics, here are my top tips to enjoy a stress free holiday.

#1 Eat Regular Meals

Keeping a stabilized blood sugar balanced by eating regularly will prevent feelings of irritability, agitation, frustration and anger.  These are all emotions that can add to our stress.  Remembering to take care of your fuel and energy needs will help strengthen your foundation for stress management.

#2  Use Aromatherapy

Essential oils, such as lavender, can help calm the nervous system.  Citrus and peppermint can help lift your mood.  Dabbing these essential oils over the body’s hot spots like behind the ears, at the collarbone and on the wrists can help to lend you an all-day approach to aromatherapy.

#3 Rescue Remedy

During times of need, Rescue Remedy is a wonderful, safe and effective natural remedy that can help neutralize stress.  Rescue Remedy can be purchased just about anywhere such as your local health food store, natural health food section at the grocery store and even some pharmacies. A few drops of this liquid based remedy can be taken at times of stress to help calm the body.  It can also be added to a water bottle and sipped through the day to help one cope with stress during stressful times.  This one is a great little remedy to keep in your purse or car as a quick go-to in the moment.

These are some of my favourite suggestions to people who ask me for simple stress management solutions during the holiday season.  WIN Health Solutions is a Niagara Falls wellness clinic that offers a range of health care options.  There are many excellent, effective and safe natural remedies and strategies to address stress and anxiety.  For a more individualized approach, together we can discuss options that are a good fit for you.