By WIN Contributor: Dr. Matthew Bird, WIN Chiropractor

Every day, I am amazed at the amount of movement variability I see at the clinic, at athletic events, and in the busy streets of our community. Variability is a common and natural feature of human movement and, when optimized within the human body, it will define a healthy state of wellbeing, growth, and development in the individual targeting function.

Variability of movement allows us to accomplish tasks/goals through a variety of motor skills/commands. This will allow us to master movements of life with precision and grace.

Ever notice that your footprints in the snow or sand are never exactly alike even though walking is performed without thought? This is the variability to which I am referring.   It defines our natural subset of motor commands that are integrated within a given environment.

By having a rich repertoire of optimal movement strategies to accomplish our tasks/goals, we can easily ward off the potential for injury. Such a repertoire will also promote the recovery of an injury by aiding in the prevention of poor coping strategies that may become hard wired in our subset of motor commands.

Movement variability is based on the motor development of the individual as it relates to their behavioural rigidity and inability to adapt to a given stress. Niagara Falls Chiropractic Services at WIN Health Solutions can help you identify acquired movement variability deficits that are commonly associated with your specific musculoskeletal ailment(s). Whether it is from an overly rigid system or an overly flexible system, Niagara Chiropractors can help you!

In life, there are two basic things that we need when dealing with poor adaptability:

1) Duct Tape (Stability):  To limit motion

2) WD40 (Mobility): To improve motion

Through movement pattern therapy and neurologic physical therapy, Niagara Chiropractors at WIN can help foster the development of optimal movement variability by adding a vast repertoire of behavioural strategies.

Book your movement optimization therapy session with a Chiropractor at WIN and address those areas that need either duct tape (Stability) or WD40 (Mobility) before an injury occurs.