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Reiki is considered a complementary therapy and is often used alongside traditional medical treatments. At our Niagara Falls clinic, your reiki session can promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, relieve pain, and improve overall well-being.

Energy Medicine

In many practices, this energy has a name.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this energy is called “qi.”  In the practice of yoga this energy is call “prana.”  Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice where the word “reiki” comes from two Japanese words: “rei,” which means universal, and “ki,” which means life energy.

It is an ancient Japanese technique, that relaxes the body and mind, and there has been a growing amount of research demonstrating the benefit of reiki and it is practiced in many medical settings and private practices worldwide.

The Energy In You

Like an ultrasonic wave or vibration, Reiki promotes the flow of this energy in your body.   It penetrates dow to the body’s cellular level, to dissolve old emotions and trauma and resets the cells to their natural patterns; allowing them to calm inflammation and relieve pain.

Your body is consists of energy.  It holds energy and it transmits energy.  Think of the energy your body makes or the communication signals that move along the nervous system.  You are made of energy and your body moves energy.

Reiki is based on the idea that there is a life force energy that flows through all living things and that this energy can be harnessed to promote healing and well-being.

reiki niagara falls
reiki niagara falls

Benefits of Reiki

There are a wide range of benefits, both physical and mental, that you may experience with reiki treatment. In combination with your conventional medical care, and other health care provider, such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, your visit with our WIN Reiki provider can benefit you.  Here are some potential benefits that you can experience from Reiki:


It is known that reiki is a deeply relaxing experience, which can help reduce stress, anxiety, and tension in the body.


Alleviate Pain

There are many studies showing that Reiki helps reduce pain and discomfort, especially chronic pain.


Improved Sleep

You may experience better sleep by promoting relaxation and reducing stress.


Immune Support

Strengthening the immune system is believed to be helped by reiki. Through the deep relaxation, the immune system can function better, which can help the body fight off illness and disease.


Overall Wellbeing

A sense of overall well-being by reducing stress and tension in the body, improving mood, and increasing energy levels is a feeling you may experience.


Supports Mental Health

It is often used as a complementary therapy for mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It can promote relaxation and reduce symptoms of these conditions.

What To Expect – Reiki Visit

During your Reiki session at WIN Health, you are invited to rest on a treatment table or sit comfortably, fully clothed, for your session.

Your treatment will consist of the Reiki practitioner using their hands above your body, or with placement of their hands on your body, to channel energy in your body.

The session typically lasts for about 60-90 minutes, although shorter sessions are also possible.

Here what you will experience during a Reiki session at WIN Health:


The practitioner will begin by asking the recipient some questions about their health and well-being, including any areas of pain or discomfort they may be experiencing.


Settling In

The recipient will then be asked to lie down or sit comfortably, and the practitioner may play relaxing music or use other tools to create a peaceful atmosphere.


Energy Transfer

The practitioner will then use their hands to channel energy into the recipient’s body, either by placing their hands directly on the body or by hovering their hands over the body. The recipient may feel sensations such as warmth, tingling, or pulsing during the session.  Reiki is often described as a deeply relaxing experience.


Hand Positioning

The practitioner will typically use a series of hand positions that cover different parts of the body, including the head, neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, and limbs.



At the end of the session, the practitioner will typically spend a few moments grounding the recipient, and may offer some suggestions for self-care or follow-up sessions.

Overall, a Reiki session is generally a gentle and relaxing experience, and many people find it to be deeply healing and rejuvenating.

reiki niagara falls

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Our Procedures


Your WIN Health Reiki provider will ask you what your goals are for your reiki session.  She will review your health history and conduct a brief assessment to determine the best treatment options for your individual needs.


Reiki can be new to many people as a healing art.  At WIN Health, your reiki provider will share with you information about reiki, how it works and how it can help.  This can help you understand how reiki will benefit you and support you in setting realistic expectations about your treatment.

After Care

After your reiki treatment, it is best to rest and take some time for the energy to continue to work in the body.  Your WIN reiki provider will share extra steps you can take after your session to support your health.  She will also discuss with you recommendations for follow up sessions.  This can also help to support your ongoing healing process and support overall well-being.

reiki niagara falls

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