By WIN Provider: Dr. Ernie Bagnulo, Chiropractor


When do we know we need a break?  Do you know when you need to rest and reset your body?

Our bodies are innately intelligent to let us know when we need a rest or a break to reset, recover and refocus.

Signs We Need A Break

Some of the overtly obvious symptoms are ones we are all familiar with; fatigue, irritability and a sense of restlessness.

These are the symptoms we can sense and feel or others can observe.

However, there are often symptoms occurring during these times when our bodies operates differently and we do not feel it or sense it right away.  These include, elevated resting heart rate, lower heart rate variability, poor digestion and elevated breathing rates.


More Than Sleep or Vacation

During these times we need to do more than just sleep or go on a vacation, we need to intently focus our energy on calming our nervous system or inner self.


Nervous System Regulation Done Simply

Some simple and great ways to regulate, or calm, your nervous system and inner self include:

Gentle walking


Sleep hygiene (set wake and sleep times)

Cleaner diet (avoid sugar and alcohol)

Yoga (specifically Nidra)

Mindful Breathing

Cold water/ice plunge


Proactive & Preventative Therapeutic Options

Of course seeing your a proactive or preventative therapist such as a naturopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist or massage therapist can enhance or compliment the above methods to reset.

Feel free to search information on the above mentioned ideas and feel free to ask or discuss this with any of the team at WIN Health Performance Centre.