By WIN Provider: Dr. Lauryn Friesen, Chiropractor

Why visit a chiropractor?  Our WIN Health Chiropractors can help with so much more than just back pain.

Chiropractors are spine, muscle, joint and nervous system experts.



This means we can help people with injuries to their:

– Feet
– Ankle
– Knee
– Hip
– Hand
– Wrist
– Elbow
– Shoulder
– Neck
– Back
– Temporomandibular joint

We can also help with neurologic dysfunction like headaches, numbness and tingling in the body or motor deficits.



One of the things I love about my profession is the variety of patients I get to work with every day. For example, today at clinic I helped patients with; cervicogenic headaches, discogenic low back pain, acute ankle sprain, mechanical thoracic spine pain, cervical sprain/strain, hip osteoarthritis, medial meniscus tear, carpal tunnel and biceps tendinopathy.



No matter what is bringing you into visit with a WIN chiropractor you will always have an individualized assessment and diagnosis. Chiropractors are trained to take a thorough health history and complete a physical examination, including orthopedic and neurological testing. We are also trained to recognize when you need to be referred to other health care providers for further testing or investigation.

After we have taken time to educate you on your diagnosis, we will discuss treatment options.

Treatment plans will always be tailored to you and your goals whether that is returning to play a high-level sport after an ACL tear, wanting to experience no pain while sitting at your desk or so much more.

A chiropractor will work with you to determine the best treatment plan to reach your goals, relieve your pain, help prevent pain from reoccurring and improve mobility.

If you’ve been thinking about seeing a Chiropractor, but weren’t sure if it was the right fit for you, book a FREE 15 minute discovery call with me, Dr. Lauryn Friesen, to ask questions and learn more.