By WIN Provider: Elyse Silverman, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Osteopaths are trained extensively in anatomy and physiology to have a thorough understanding of how and why the body is structured the way it is. The efficacy of osteopathy is based on the inherent principle that structure governs function. Any variation from normal structure will lead to impairment in function.


The body works as an integrated whole and should therefore be treated as such. Osteopaths understand how everything in the body is connected through the soft tissues, the pathways of the nerves, arteries, veins, and lymphatics, as well as through the way the vital systems work together to regulate life. Your entire body is wrapped in one continuous fascial sheath and many muscles span multiple joints (the latissimus dorsi muscle (your lats) spans from your pelvis to your arm). Therefore, your shoulder problem might not be JUST a shoulder problem!


When you see an Osteopathic practitioner for treatment, we will perform an assessment looking for asymmetries and restrictions in motion which might be taking place on the fascial layer, neuromuscular layer, ligamentous articular layer, or within the organ field. Osteopaths are trained to feel even the slightest restrictions in the body. These restrictions might be global, local, or focal. This assessment helps build a picture of your unique structural pattern, which can be the result of repetitive movement patterns, posture habits, past injuries, and compensatory effects over time.


Through treatment, these anatomical restrictions are addressed, thereby liberating obstructions and providing the proper structural conditions for your body to better access its innate pharmacology and healing mechanisms.


Osteopathy based in principles means that the practitioner doesn’t simply apply a set of techniques to every patient but rather, can be innovative and customize ways of treating based on your particular needs.


If you would like the opportunity to discuss further if and how osteopathic treatment can benefit you, you can call the clinic to book a complimentary meet and greet with Elyse.