By WIN Provider: Dr. Ernie Bagnulo, Chiropractor

When asked, “What do you do for a living?” …I sometimes take a deep breath before I say the word, “Chiropractor”… Not because I am too proud or conversely, embarrassed, rather, it’s because of the public perception what a Chiropractor is and what Chiropractors do.

Too often, the first thing that comes to peoples minds is just spinal adjustments.

My colleagues and I, at WIN Health Solutions, do so much more than adjust spines all day long. In fact, it may be only about 15-20% of what we do at WIN!

Each of the Chiropractors at WIN has extensive training over the years to obtain a vast set of skills and techniques to address a range musculoskeletal concerns in a way that is dynamic, addresses root causes and is intended to restore proper function.

Using our vast set of skills and techniques, we address shoulders, knees, hips, elbows, feet and ankles in a way that is tailored to each individual patient, given their unique experience with the concern being addressed. We focus on restoring function to the anatomy of those areas: the ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, blood supply and fascia that are contributing to the symptoms related to the area of concern.

We have always endeavoured to think beyond treatment of just the spine and utilize many different options in treatments and share health education. When combining these options for ailments in a specific area, we achieve great results.  Most importantly, we offer an alternative and effective way of treating patients that we did not have 25+ years ago.

Often patients don’t want to be adjusted or are fearful of being adjusted and because of our treatment philosophy we can still help.  Chiropractic by definition is “therapy via hands.”  Manual therapy can combine our hands in any way to help, whether it’s utilizing muscular release techniques, laser therapy or acupuncture, we can offer you effective help.  If you are still unsure or have questions, feel free to call, email or arrange a visit with our Chiropractic Team at WIN Health Solutions and we’d be happy to help.