By WIN Contributor: Dr. Nicholas Slowinski, Chiropractor

After what seemed like an endless winter, summer has finally come. We all can breath a sigh of relief, as the warmer temperatures have arrived and with them we can get back to the bountiful activities we long for in the winter months.  Admit it, how many times have you said some variation of the words, “I can’t wait till its warmer out so I can ________”.

Its universal, we are all looking forward to things we want to do, but sometimes we can look too far forward and miss the experience all together.  I mean sure, you may make memories, you may do the activities you set forth to do, but do you really experience them?

Summer is just a few short months of the year, and life doesn’t wait for anyone.  We get busy, weekends fill up, schedules get jammed and before you know it summer is on its way out.  So why not relish it?

I’m not simply talking condiments on your hot dogs or hamburgers. I mean truly live the experiences we look forward to.

It doesn’t have to be hard. Think about it, on any given summer day you could take a stroll in any direction from your house and take in all the sights, smells, and sounds of summer.  You might see your neighbours working diligently on their lawn, hear the sound of insects and birds chirping away in the heat, or smell the faint aroma of a bonfire on the wind.  In any case, most of what we identify as the “experiences of summer” involve us getting outside!

Be In The Moment

So how do we take advantage of this?  The answer is actually so simple it can be difficult these days.

You take a moment to reflect while pursuing the outdoor activity of your choice.  For example, my year round outdoor activity is Fishing… for those that know me I’m sure they’re sick of hearing me talk about it. 🙂   However fishing for me is not just leisure, its not just sport, it’s a chance to be in the moment.

From the first cast to the last, its about taking the time to breath it all in, the sunset views, the laughter and banter with friends, the sound of the water running by… the stillness … the break from the thoughts that rapidly run through your mind during your regular day to day.

What we need to realize is life will always be in the way.  So challenge yourself, to truly take in your summer experience.  Whether you’re feeling the heat from the sun while lounging on the beach, or swatting mosquitos while watching your children’s soccer game, take it all in!  After all, soon enough you’ll be catching yourself watching the first snow fall!