By WIN Contributor, Dr. Matthew Bird, Chiropractor

It’s mid April and spring seems to have left us and winter has returned!  Not exactly everyone’s favourite way to spring into spring but what can we do but make the best of it?

We all know it’s temporary and that better weather is ahead.  Positive thinking carries us through. So why is it that we tend to focus on the negative?  Why do we focus on things we can’t control?

Is it human nature or have we conditioned ourselves to follow this negative attitude?

Our need to find out what’s wrong with people, places and things can at times outweigh our desire for more positive outlooks.  We all know that mental health issues are increasingly prevalent and we ALL talk about it to raise awareness…. But what are we doing about it?

In addition, simply tune in to your favourite social media outlet and you will find someone, somewhere complaining about something … weather, health, sports, work and the list can go on and on.

If we truly look at our lives honestly and fairly, a pattern of choices will turn up which can describe our current situation or life path.  So, to pull away from negative thoughts, I want to challenge everyone on how they can better their situation or self over the next 30 days! 

Yes, 30 days… seems long but if you truly want it to stick then it must be a commitment.

Make yourself accountable and be aware.  Without accountability then what are you actually changing?

This is an open-ended challenge.  You pick what you want to improve.

Is it…. better movement?  Better food choices?  Can you listen to others, so they may better themselves?  Can you reserve judgement and just be present with a friend or family member?

**A thought can turn into matter and changes our physical being via neural pathways.**

Our consciousness is our greatest asset and allows us to integrate and communicate with what we find enjoyable.  So where is this all coming from?

I’m reading a book called Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind by Joe Dispenza, DC.  The author challenges us to shift from believing that we are predestined to follow a path set by our genetic make up and recognize that we have the potential to better ourselves through learning and self reflections from our mistakes and supposed flaws.

This concept is known as Hebbian Learning, in neuroscience.  Basically, this concept states that nerves that fire together wire together.  So, when a bunch of neurons are repeatedly stimulated they will build a more enriched connection between each other. Conversely, nerve cells that no longer fire together, no longer wire together. This is the universal law of “Use it or lose it”.

This concept of neural patterning helps us realize that we are not rigid in our neurological make-up and can change old paradigms of thought and continue to evolve through neuroplasticity.

So, what ever you chose to challenge yourself with, remember that your own accountability will carry you through.  Pay attention to thought patterns, attention to feelings and your response to these aspects of yourself.

Good luck and be patient as there is really no set timeline for self improvement.  Just make each day a challenge to better the person you are today, tomorrow.