By WIN Contributor: Dr. Laura Imola, Naturopathic Doctor

Having words to live by can be a tremendous support when working towards our health goals.  Positive statements can help motivate us to do what we have to do, crowd out negative self talk and lift our spirits when we have to dig deep.

Call them affirmations, quotes, mission statement, or just words… call them what ever you call them… they are essential in remaining focused on what’s important.  Choosing a few inspirational quotes can be very empowering if you feel they really ring true.   They can provide a jolt of support, strength and motivation when times are good and especially when times are tough.

In my own journey, I have collected many quotes that have inspired me.  However, the three that I have held on to and that have really helped me over the years are the ones I talk about in this video.

You know what you want for yourself and for your health.  Deciding that is a huge step and I commend you for having the bravery to dream it, to want it and to seek it.  The next steps are the hardest ones to take, but the most fulfilling and important!  You will need support along the way, and the support will most often need to come from within you.  Keeping affirmations that resonate with you close to your heart and top of mind during your journey will be your stepping stones when you need the support the most.