By WIN Contributor: Dr. Nicholas Slowinski, Chiropractor

Social media has without doubt been responsible for changing the way people do many things. For example, it has changed the way we communicate, how we keep in touch with long lost friends, how we market our businesses, how we remember monumental times of our lives, and arguably, how we value things… (a discussion for another time). One thing is for sure; social media has definitely changed the way that we, as a society learn new skills!

It has been said that there is an abundance of free education, and that what is truly lacking in society is the willingness to learn.  This is not surprising when you consider the “old world thinking” that learning new things took work, it took effort, or it took hours in the library pouring over books.  However, this is not the case anymore!  Thanks to the explosion of the World Wide Web, and continual development of social media platforms, new information, new skills and knowledge have never been more readily available.

One invaluable thing that I myself have learned from using such accessible tools is how to stay motivated. Previous WIN health blogs have discussed the benefits of getting up and going in the morning, but how do we stay motivated to do so?  The truth is there is no single answer!

I think that we can define motivation as the desire to achieve what we believe to be worthwhile. This means that everyone’s motivation is different, and we all have motivation of some kind, whether it’s to go to the gym or to work or to school, some days are just easier then others. Regardless of what your motivation is, we’ve all had those days where you just want to pull the sheets over your head and say, “not today”.

It is in these times of low motivation that we can tap into the knowledge of those social media “gurus” to get the “oomph” we need to get out of bed!

Sometimes you need a pep talk!

One quick way to tap into this information is a YouTube search for motivation in the morning.  Not only will you get the motivation you need in that moment, but you’ll also benefit from this practice over time.

Renewing your motivation first thing in the morning is a very powerful self-practice!  Approximately 20 minutes after waking is when our subconscious minds are the most impressionable. That means that listening to that positive pep talk each morning will set the tone for the rest of your day! Over time you may find that this daily practice may help you begin to change your mental attitude, and that motivation becomes easier to find after all!

Click this line to watch an excellent 15 minute morning motivation video to get you started!