Kid’s health has been one of my special interests in my practice.  Early on, I recognized how important it was to help keep a family healthy.  Even before having my own children, I would listen to parents and hear them out when they told me that having children that were run down and susceptible to infections would cause them sleepless nights, missed school days and extracurriculars for the child, missed days of work for the parent, extra child care to arrange, trips to the walk in clinic or medical doctor’s office, prescriptions to fill, and so on.

Fast forward a few years, when I had my own kids, and boy oh boy, did I learn this to be true.  I always valued preventative medicine and proactive health care, and not only did I devote myself to developing that for my patients but I also did the same for my own family.

The best way for a child to not get sick is to keep them healthy.  I know, this sounds like common sense.  However, it illustrates the importance of doing little things every day to help children have a strong foundation in their health.  Strong foundations equals a strong immune system.

Going beyond foundations… some kids are just more susceptible to picking things up.  This can be due to their environment, their own unique physiology, their health history and their family history.  That being said, there are still great options to foster a stronger immune system even in kids with these considerations.

Check out my latest video with a few of my most essential quick tips for helping kids have a stronger immune system.  I was so lucky to have two little helpers assist me with this one. 😉

Whether your child is starting daycare, is back to school or is susceptible to getting sick during the colder months, building a strong immune system can help prevent or lessen the frequency of colds, flus, sore throats and ear infections. Also, kids who have effective immune support have less intense symptoms when they do get sick and recover faster.

Naturopathic Medicine offers so many immune supportive options that are safe and effective for children.  I always work with each child and family members to develop a plan that is a good fit.

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Dr. Laura