By WIN Contributor: Lora D., WIN Receptionist

Dr. Matthew Bird, or as we affectionately call him, Dr. Matt, completed his undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics at the University of Guelph.  He received his degree of Doctor of Chiropractic after attending the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto.  His years of exceptional work was recognized when he recently received a Niagara This Week Readers Choice Award.

Dr. Matt has a great enthusiasm and love of his work because it helps people everyday feel better. His treatments incorporate a variety of different techniques such as soft tissue work, chiropractic manipulation and adjustments, Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, Shockwave, Trigenics, Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) as well as other various types of hands on therapy.

He continues to better his work by consistently taking continuing education courses to broaden his knowledge base.  He also enjoys keeping up with the latest research and news regarding Chiropractic, musculoskeletal health and health in general.

Combining his expertise, therapeutic approach and observation of the latest health news helps him reach his professional goal, which is to help his patients be able to lead pain free, healthy lives.

There are many things that Dr. Matt enjoys in his off hours.  He leads a very healthy lifestyle.  He is a super volleyball player, (so he says…lol) I’m sure his height has something to do with that!! 😉  Dr. Matt also enjoys snowboarding, beach volleyball, pilates, yoga, and weight training.

He’s also sure to have fun with his growing family.  With his beautiful wife, Erika, and adorable 18 month old son, Carter, they make sure to enjoy quality time together.  The WIN Team is excitedly looking forward to their next big moment in the coming Spring as they await the newest addition to their family… a new baby for The Birds!

Dr. Matt is a natural at work-life balance, and we know he will continue to inspire his patients, and the WIN Team, with this as his family grows.

If you are seeking a knowledgable Chiropractor who uses an evidence based, cutting edge chiropractic approach, Dr. Matthew Bird at WIN Health Solutions Niagara will give you great options to address your muscle and/or joint related concerns, in addition to many related health concerns like headaches, migraines, TMJ pain, sciatica and sports injuries.

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