By WIN Contributor: Dr. Laura Imola, Naturopathic Doctor

Are you a honing your immune super-strength yet for the winter?  Do you have a little superhero at home that needs to develop their cold and flu busting potential?  This is the time to put our germ fighting super-suits on and boldly trek forward into the cold and flu season.

Right now, I’m dusting off my immune boosting gear for myself and my kids.  And because I believe that everyone has a superhero inside waiting to be discovered, I’m sharing how to make your immune system faster than a speeding bullet.


1) Drink Plenty of Water – Keeping yourself, and especially your kids, hydrated with pure fluids is essential to a healthy immune system and respiratory tract.  Limit or avoid drinks such as coffee, pop, fruit juice and alcohol to significantly improve immune response.

2) Wash Your Hands – Good old fashion soap and water when washing hands was prevents the transmission of germs.  Hand washing with soap isn’t just for bathroom breaks.  Remember this before preparing meals, eating, after time spent in a public place (germs live on handrails, table tops, other surfaces and toys) and if you’re under the weather (blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing frequently) or tending to a loved one who is.

3) Eat Well – Consuming a variety of plant foods, especially dark green vegetables and brightly coloured vegetables and fruit, boosts your defences.  The pigments that create these deep and vibrant colours contain antioxidants, which provide a super charge to the immune system.

4) More Specifically… Ditch Sugar – Consuming sugary beverages or foods can stifle immune cell activity.  This means less “BOOM,” “KAPOW,” “SMASH” when they go after the bad guys.

5) Regular Sleep – Even superheros need their rest.  It’s great to want to save the world and all, but getting a good sleep every night will fortify your immune system.

So whether it’s Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Spidey or one of the X-Men that you envision for your super-fantastic immune system, keep these Five Fast tips in mind for your best defence.

Looking for extra “Super” support for you or your little ones during the cold and flu season? Meet with me for a Naturopathic visit and we’ll go through the most effective natural cold and flu options so you have everything you need to find your superhero strengths within.  I share the best of what I’ve seen work, and use in my own life on a daily basis, to help you take your health to the next (Super*) level.

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*Sorry for that last “Super”… I couldn’t resist! 😉