By WIN contributor: Nancy H, Reception Team Member

There is so much that has changed about chiropractic treatment.  Are you up to speed?  Get a fresh view about chiropractic care from our newest team member, Dr. Nicholas Slowinski.  Dr. Nick is a licensed chiropractor, is accepting new patients and is available to also assist our existing patients.

Why did you decide to become a chiropractor?

I decided to become a chiropractor at a young age. Growing up, I was very involved in a variety of extracurricular activities and saw a chiropractor often. My time with the chiropractor was an integral part of my training and allowed me to recover from injury and remain injury free while participating in several different sports.

I felt the value that regular chiropractic care had on a person’s overall health and well-being. I also realized the health care system was under significant strain and pharmaceutical interventions as a front line treatment for muscle and joint conditions was not a solution.  I decided chiropractic was what I wanted to do and a degree in Kinesiology would best prepare me for this path. I wanted to genuinely help people achieve a state of optimal health and wellness and needed to learn more about human function.

Since you are recent graduate, can refresh us regarding required schooling for a chiropractor?

A chiropractic degree program is a post graduate, professional degree program that requires approximately 3.5-4 years to complete depending on the institution one decides to attend. An individual who enters such a program has already obtained a University degree in a related field such as health sciences or kinesiology for example. A basic understanding of anatomy, exercise physiology, biomechanics and musculoskeletal injury is developed through university courses.  Once accepted into a chiropractic degree program, students build upon this basic understanding and learn the intricate details of how these subjects pertain to the development and manifestation of musculoskeletal pain and injury. Simultaneously, students learn to develop their ability to diagnose such conditions, as well as the therapeutic touch necessary to best treat patients who may present in this manner.

In your opinion, why should a person see a chiropractor at WIN Health Solutions?

I would suggest seeing a chiropractor at WIN Health Solutions to anyone who is looking for help in the treatment of muscle and joint pain as well as improve their overall health. As a society, we are all living longer, people are becoming more health conscience, and we are only just beginning to understand the extraordinary value staying active and mobile can have on our mental and physical well-being.  The chiropractors working at WIN Health Solutions are highly trained individuals who work closely with patients to develop individualized treatment plans based off the most up to date research to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Is chiropractic treatment safe?

Chiropractic care is completely safe for the majority of individuals. It is our job as the health care practitioner to guarantee any intervention provided is in the best interest of each and every individual patient.  Chiropractic is a safe and effective form of health care, especially as it pertains to musculoskeletal concerns, but as with any form of health care, there are always risks and these are always discussed prior to any treatment.

What advice would you have for people who are afraid of seeing a chiropractor?

My best advice for anyone who is either afraid or hesitant to see a chiropractor is to speak with one of us.  Patient education is something we pride ourselves on, and is something that has not been emphasized enough in health care today. We can clear up any chiropractic myths and there is certainly no risk in a conversation!  With regard to therapy, I can only emphasize we are all highly trained professionals who have undergone rigorous training to be both proficient and efficient in what we do. Chiropractic therapy today is much different than it was years ago and as evidence based practitioners, we have much more to offer patients than just an adjustment. 

What do you think are the most important qualities in a good chiropractor?

There is no short answer to this question, however, it is without a doubt that the phenomenal chiropractors who are my mentors all have the following qualities which I have tried to embody in my own practice:

  • They always place the needs and interests of their patients above their own
  • They are personable, well-mannered and caring
  • They all have a thirst for knowledge and are continually working on their craft
  • They work hard at remaining current with the most up to date research in our field in order to best serve their patients
  • They are ambassadors for mental and physical health and wellbeing

Why did you want to work at WIN Health Solutions?

I wanted to be a part of the team at WIN Health Solutions for a number of reasons; the clinic is an excellent space filled with a vibrant, positive energy that begins the healing process for patients the second they walk in the door. Most importantly I am able to join the team of chiropractors who are challenging the status quo of chiropractic in the Niagara region. Unlike the traditional chiropractic model, treatment at WIN Health Solutions encompasses an evidence based approach, where patients are treated from a neuro-functional model with a variety of techniques and tools. The chiropractors at WIN develop treatment plans that work for the patient rooted in the most current research and have helped eliminate much of the stigma that may exist with this sort of treatment. Something which cannot be overemphasized is the fact I am able to refer patients to one of our many skilled professionals, whether it is physiotherapy, massage, and even naturopathic medicine. WIN Health Solutions has a phenomenal in-house network of practitioners to ensure patients receive the proper attention they need and I am excited to be a part of the team.

What are some of your favourite interests?

Most of my favourite interests revolve around fitness, health and self-development.  I mostly enjoy weight lifting but more recently have focused my training around mobility, stability and conditioning through martial arts and yoga. I’m fascinated by the idea of total body optimization and a lot of my personal interest reading has been focused on this in the last year or so.

I’ve also been more recently interested in the idea of neuroplasticity and how the nervous system can be retrained or tuned!  It’s a fascinating subject!

I’m a huge sports fan, mostly football, hockey, and baseball and love to catch a game even if it is just on the television with friends. I have always enjoyed live music and try to make it to as many concerts as I can from a variety of genres. I consider myself an outdoors enthusiast and love to be outside at all times of the year hiking, fishing, and camping just to name a few. I also enjoy wine and craft beers and am glad to have moved back to Niagara where this industry has thrived for many years.

Thanks so much, Dr. Nick for enlightening us today with your very informative interview.  Appointments can be made for anyone who would like to see Dr. Nick by calling WIN Health Solutions.