By WIN Contributor: Nancy V, Reception Team Member

Just as we cheer on and encourage our patients to reach their highest potential and go for their own personal gold, the WIN team raced for gold to support Project Share.  Under the Friday night lights, the WIN team set out to show off our driving skills at the go kart track.

With twelve teams, and four racers per team, the challenge was on to show how well WIN Health Solutions could steer around the competition.

Our Physiotherapy team member, Karen raced first, giving the rest of the WIN team an insight on how the track felt and widening the first corner quite nicely for the other drivers.  We were off to a good start!

Then it was Dr. Matt’s turn to show us all how go karts are meant to be driven, coming in first in his heat. Dr. Matt’s a natural when it comes to excelling in sports, even racing!  Dr Matt was on to the semi finals.

As luck would have it, our WIN Physiotherapist, Tania Mannella decided to show off her driving skills and was first in her heat for a lap or two, but was then bumped into the guard rail.  She recovered,  just like her patients at WIN Health Solutions do, and proudly finished the race.

Finally the Pit Boss, Dr Ernie was up.  Just like at work, he was determined to give it his all.  Passing cars and ending up second in his heat Dr Ernie was also off to the semi finals.

With only a few competitors left to race against, the WIN team put their heads together.
Smiling and laughing while we pooled our knowledge and shared some tricks and insights to figure out a strategy to pull off the victory.

Dr Ernie, putting the petal to the metal, raced in the semi but got bumped out while Dr Matt bumped and drifted his way into the finals.

As the final race began Dr Matt was determined to come out on top. Unfortunately, we were not destined to be champions this night, but it was a wonderfully fun night of team cheering and racing as the WINcredibles in support of Project Share.

Congratulations to the Project Share Grand Prix champions!   Coming in at 3rd place was Big Wheels, 2nd place Past & Present, and 1st place Chippawa Presbyterian Church!

And now the track is set for next year …