At WIN we offer the very best technology and treatment modalities to our patients.  The Storz Duolith Ultra Shockwave Therapy is just one example of this.


By WIN Contributor: Dr. Ernie Bagnulo

What do Rotator Cuff tendon injuries, Plantar Fasciitis, Tennis Elbow, Jumpers Knee and all have in common?

All can be treated effectively with Extracorporeal Radial Shockwave Therapy, simply known as Shockwave Therapy, through WIN Chiropractor services Niagara.

The soft tissue in these affected areas are all under high stress and start to perform incorrectly and scar.  Traditionally, and currently, these ailments are treated with manual therapy, exercise, acupuncture and physiotherapy modalities.  These are all effective methods of treatment, however, they take time and require frequent visits to the therapist.  An alternative is here to speed healing and save your time.

Shockwave Therapy is a form of therapy that delivers pneumatic shocks to the area in need of relief.  The high frequency and deep pressure of each impulse, creates a “micro-trauma” of sorts, and increases the amount of blood flow to the injured area.  This in turn brings oxygen and limits the ability of scar tissue to form.

Shockwave therapy is performed in intervals of 1x per week for three weeks, (three total treatments) and can be used safely in conjunction with all other forms of treatment.   Also, Shockwave Therapy has no known side effects and is 100% safe.  Patients often feel better in the short term, but are always cautioned that the total benefits are not felt for 3-6 weeks post treatment.

At WIN Health Solutions, we use the Storz Duolith Ultra, the world leaders in Shockwave Therapy research.  We also couple Shockwave Therapy with Soft Tissue Ultrasound to be more precise and objective in our outcomes.

Shockwave Therapy, is a tissue regenerator, it is not a short term “fix.”  It heals the tissue and is most effective when coupled with other active rehabilitation therapies.

To visit a Niagara Falls Chiropractic clinic that offers Shockwave Therapy, and to work with our award winning Niagara Chiropractors who can offer comprehensive treatment for your concerns, contact us at WIN Health Solutions to schedule your appointment.