By WIN Contributor: Dr. Laura Imola, Naturopathic Doctor

Do you take a proactive approach to sustaining good health or do you prefer a “Wait and See” approach?

A a Niagara Falls Naturopathic Doctor I educate my patients with an old adage: “The best way to not get sick is to stay healthy”.  When seek out ways to be healthy in our everyday life we are taking steps to optimize our health.  Leading to:

– Stronger Immunity

– Less inflammation

– Better brain function and memory

– Clearer skin

– Good digestion

– Optimal mood

– Optimal energy

– Prevention of chronic disease

Reactive Health

Our current conventional health care system is not set up to teach us about this.  If a person waits to get treatment when they get sick and then seeks medical attention they will likely get handed a pill.  This is Reactive Health Care.  Symptom “X” arises, treat symptom “X”.  However, as we know, even though a pill treats the symptom, many people do not feel this improves their level of health.  They end up experiencing repeated visits to the doctor with more questions and seeking options, often turning up empty.  For some, coming off a medication may result in the health concern popping back up.  For others, staying on long term pharmaceutical treatment puts them at risk for experiencing side effects and other health concerns.

Proactive Health

Taking steps to prevent illness is what proactive health care is all about, and it works.  When we give our body what it needs to function optimally we will prevent the main causes of chronic health concerns:

– Cellular damage

– Inflammation

– Sluggish organ or glandular function

– Weak immune activity

– Poor brain function

This protective approach preserves good health and helps us move into each stage of life feeling stronger and more vibrant.

Preventative Medicine

If we just take a pill to treat every ill and we do not take care of our health on a day-to-day basis, our health will deteriorate just like a muscle that is neglected.  Moreover, if we reserve pharmaceutical interventions for more serious concerns, and work with natural remedies, nutrition, lifestyle support and self care, we will grow stronger health and wellness.

LEARN, GROW and be EMPOWERED in your health by utilizing Proactive Health Care as a first line approach to your health care.  Didn’t think this was possible?  Naturopathic Doctors are professionally trained and can work along side your team of health care providers to put you on track for Proactive Health Care and Preventative Medicine.