By WIN Contributor: Dr. Matthew Bird

The fact that humans are able to stand against gravity in the vertical plane is a miracle in itself. Viewed as an inverted pendulum, the human body almost defies basic physical elements of force. Further complicating this fact are the multiple linkages within the body (joints) and the numerous guy wires (muscles) that control them. The basis of stability in a mechanical system is defined as requiring its center of mass to be within its base of support and, when assessing the human body, the base of support is relatively small (1 square foot). Thus, numerous fine-tuning interactions must occur to maintain a vertical posture.

Balance is continuously monitored by three distinct systems:

1)   Vestibular System

2)   Vision

3)   Proprioception

All three systems are heavily integrated within the central/spinal nervous system to maintain desired postures.

Chiropractic spinal adjustments and soft tissue therapies are utilized to help an individual maintain a functional basis of mobility and maintain a vertical posture.  The chiropractic adjustment helps to fine-tune proprioceptor activity, sense organs within the musculoskeletal system, so that one may improve:

1)   Muscle activity bypassing human consciousness;

2)   The sense of awareness of limb placement, tactile sense and perceiving the weight of a load;

3)   And the internal system of coordinates that can be used by the brain to plan and execute movements.

Poor posture leads to a decrease in joint and muscle health/function, which compounds over time and may not necessarily be perceived as pain until the degenerative changes have become advanced.  Spinal health, as well as the health of all the joints within the body, relies on its structural integrity to maintain function just as much as its function maintains its structure.

Therefore, do not wait for symptoms to come about before booking with a WIN Health Chiropractor! We are here to help you in all your health goals!