Keep moving with our WIN Kinesiologist, because... as we believe in what Ferris once said... "Life moves pretty quick..." :)

Keep moving with our WIN Kinesiologist, because… as we believe in what Ferris once said… “Life moves pretty quick…” 🙂


When we feel our best, we can accomplish anything. We can train our bodies to be stronger, faster and more powerful, and although it takes hard work, like anything else in life, it’s well worth your time and patience.  My enthusiasm to empower others to stay active and move is inspired by everyday heros who didn’t take the easy way out yet overcame struggles and defied obstacles.

Life can be traumatic… I’m not being overdramatic… it’s true that we endure a lot physically the moment we enter this world.  Whether be at birth or from sports, work, motor vehicle accidents, aging or accidents that can occur without warning, like a fall, we endure lots of bumps along the way.  By keeping our bodies active we work through old injuries and prevent illness and new injuries, especially those due to a sedentary lifestyle.

I know that if the benefits of exercise could be put in a pill, it would be the most popular prescription around!  

Since the pill version is still pending, as a Kinesiologist I’ll get you raving about a real exercise prescription!

I’ll work with the WIN Chiropractors and Physiotherapists to offer an extension of their treatment by way of an exercise prescription.  Acting as your motivator, I’ll guide you through your specific exercise prescription to help you get over your physical challenges and get on the fast track to recovery!


YOUR KIN Rx: Movement As Medicine

Here’s what to expect in your exercise prescription:

  • A Movement As Medicine Plan that compliments the therapy received by your WIN Chiropractor and/or Physiotherapist
  • Program development that will help lead to healthier daily living, faster recovery, less pain and improved work, sports and mental performance
  • Application of therapeutic modalities to help with pain, swelling and inflammation
  • Passive muscle stretching and soft tissue release to improve range of motion and tissue repair
  • Patient education on proper form, exercise and posture


KIN In Your Care

By adding Kinesiology to your care we’ll work together with your health care team to develop strategies to overcome the factors that limit your capacity to move.  Balancing the mechanics and anatomy of your body outside of treatments, you will undoubtably move through life and accomplish great things.

I look forward to working with you to achieve your optimal health!

~ Karen Evers, Kin, Reg. Kin, OTA, PTA