I love the renewing and purifying effects of water.  As an enthusiast of all things water related, and a natural born Pisces, you will almost always catch me out paddleboarding, kayaking or taking extended weekends out on Georgian Bay.  

Which might explain why I am so excited to participate in offering Aqua Therapy through WIN Health Solutions Physiotherapy.


The life giving, soothing motion and intuitiveness of water when we are in it helps people overcome injuries, gain strength and feel better.  Working as a WIN Physiotherapy Assistant and Aquatic Specialist, I offer Aqua Therapy in the warm waters of the Peninsula Inn Pool right here in Niagara Falls.  Aqua therapy helps to improve strength, flexibility and mobility.


If you have difficulty with land based exercise or if you are challenged by…

·       Arthritis

·       Musculoskeletal Disorders

·       Chronic back pain

·       Weak core strength

·       Upper or lower body pain related to the arms or legs

·       Muscle or joint related surgery

…then wading into the water for Aqua Therapy will help strengthen different muscle groups while feeling light and buoyant, and without strain or pressure. 

You will find Aqua Therapy can effectively…

·       Decrease Pain

·       Increase Joint Flexibility

·       Increase Strength


We want to make certain that you get the very best outcome from this awesome therapy option.  Your water journey always begins with a meeting our WIN Physiotherapist so they can meet you, greet you, listen to your health concern and complete a comprehensive assessment.  They will develop a pool action plan based on your health concerns.  Call the clinic for more information.


Investing in your health care will result in a radically different and exceptional health care experience that completely benefits to your wellbeing. 

Extended Health Care

For many people who have extended health care, the Aqua Therapy costs can be put through your Physiotherapy coverage. We offer direct billing of most major insurance companies to make your visits no sweat. 

OHIP Coverage

Also, we are an OHIP approved clinic, so if you qualify OHIP may also cover your Aqua Therapy fees.


The use of water (hot, cold, steam, or ice) has forever been used to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being.  At WIN Health Solutions we are proud to roll the therapeutic benefit of physiotherapy into the healing properties of water through Aqua Therapy.

Before You Leave Make A Big Splash with Aqua