Pole Walking Sessions At WIN Health Solutions

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Starting in June WIN Health Solutions will be offering a 5 week program using a Nordic Pole Walking system.

What Is Pole Walking and Why Should I Join?

Pole walking was first used in Finland to help cross country skiers train in the off season.  Pole walking is a low-impact exercise that provides the highest benefits for health, wellness and fitness for people of all ages and all fitness levels.  This walking technique can be used by non-athletes as a health promoting physical activity.

The BENEFITS are endless when it comes to pole walking here are just a few:

–        Burns 25-46% more calories than regular walking

–        Incorporates 90% of the muscles of the body

–        Reduces Stress by up to 30% on the knee and hips joints

–        Improves posture and balance

–        Provides benefits for people with cardiorespiratory conditions and diabetes

–        Aids in fall prevention

–        Improves ambulation for patients with Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

–        Provides benefits in upper-body muscular strength

–        Improve overall fitness in older adults



Runs each Friday – June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30


Meet at location for the week at 8:45.  Walk starts at 9:00am and ends at 9:45am.


Locations are to be decided, and possible locations include areas around the beautiful city of Niagara Falls such as…

  • Millennium Trail (McLeod Road)
  • Niagara Parkway
  • Shriners Woodlot/Mount Carmel Parks (Mt Carmel and west of Montrose road)
  • Heartland Forest

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