The WIN Culture: Eco-Conscious Team

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By WIN Contributors: Lora, Nancy H & Nancy V, WIN Reception Team Members

The WIN reception team strives to be as environmentally friendly as we possibly can.  We have found creative eco-friendly solutions to help reduce the clinic’s carbon foot print.

A few years ago we introduced a paperless file system for our patients.  Through this system we have been able to integrate a number of innovative paper saving solutions.

We developed an online paperless intake forms for new patients. We encourage all patients to fill out our intake forms before their appointment by going to our FORMS page on our website.  Completed forms are sent directly to the reception team and electronically scanned into a patient file.

We also developed an in house paperless system for forms required to be completed by patients who may not have access to the forms online, or who may be in need of completing a form during a visit already in progress.  We use laminated intake and consent forms that can be completed with special fine tip markers.  We then scan the forms into our system, and wipe them clean for the next patient to use.

This enables us to save using paper that would ultimately be sent to the shredder, and through this we hopefully save a few trees!!

As well our clinic has always recycled paper, plastic and batteries.  In addition, we are always evaluating where we can reduce, reuse and recycle in our workspace.

At WIN we share the philosophy that the health of our environment impacts everyone’s health.  By finding ways to reduce our output, we all hope to make the world a better, healthier place!

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