WIN Contributor: Dr. Ernie Bagnulo

Why Do We Use Acupuncture In Our Treatment Model At WIN?

The answer is simple: it works!

Many people wonder… what exactly does acupuncture do?

Acupuncture regulates and optimizes our body and nervous system in a way that we cannot conscientiously make happen.

For instance, if you close your eyes and think really hard about increasing or decreasing the size of your blood vessels, can you do so?  Can you make your brain produce chemicals that will help your body control pain?

The answer to these questions is NO!  The only way these functions happen is when our body is told to do so by various stimuli and the results occur automatically.

Perhaps an even better example is that of human digestion.  When food is eaten and it enters the digestive tract, the body just knows what to do.  The gut pulls the nutrition from the food we eat and expels the waste we do not need.

In this case, the acupuncture needles are the food (stimuli) and they cause the body to change in a desirable way (digestion).

When incorporating acupuncture into a musculoskeletal treatment, it allows for the treatment to reach a much higher level, because ultimately, the nervous system is responsible for the state and function of our muscles and our muscles are responsible for how our joints move.

Acupuncture enables the desirable goal of decreasing pain and increasing function.

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  • Rick Schaubel says:

    For 5 years I walked bent over, used a cane, was in strong pain, was talking 7 different pain pills right up to morphine. I walked in two months ago, was given acupuncture by Tania Mannella & walked out the same day without a limp, no cane, & cut my pain pills down to two.
    No word of a lie it WORKS.

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